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  1. Serban

    Serban's 1975 280Z

    Here's a short drive with the turbo setup. The Draw through is on an L24 that I pulled out of a parts car I bought. Sat for a very long time, but after putting some MMO in the cylinders and letting it sit for a while, it came to life!
  2. I had another thread on here I started a few years back, then Photobucket decided to be the biggest troll of the century and block everyone's hosted photos from being linked, so it's easier for me to start a new thread with the old pics, and latest updates of my car. I'll start again, I got this car October 2013, and in these last few years, it's come a long way, and had a few transformations as far as engine setups. Day 1, tow it ~200 miles back home Not much of a looker The engine was a mess, only ran on 5 cylinders. After a while, I started having problems with the stock EFI setup, as one would expect, so I decided to venture out in the world of carbs, first up, stock SUs, then triple webers, and lastly, a draw through turbo kit
  3. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    I found the source of my exhaust leak... The turbo inlet flange has this channel in it (not really sure what it's for), and the new T4 inlet gasket I bought didn't fully cover it, which in turn made for a nasty exhaust leak. I'm using the one that came off the turbo in the meantime until I find another one. With that being fixed, I took the car for a drive, and it struggled to even make 4psi. I double checked everything then researched the wastegate hose placement. I'm supposed to run the hose to a boost source before the throttle plate. In this case, everything before the throttle plate has no boost. Tial does not recommend connecting it to the manifold, as vacuum could cause problems with the diaphragm, so I tried disconnecting the hose, and running it as it was before, without a wastegate, and got about 7-8psi. A little better. The wideband was around 13:1 afr, but without a wastegate, this turbo just wants to make more boost, and I have a feeling it'll lean out. I may try connecting the wastegate again, and adding a boost controller. It has a 4-5psi spring at the moment. Has anyone that has run this setup been successful with using an external wastegate?
  4. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    https://youtu.be/IA-Wr9WPeFk Here's a video of it starting up!
  5. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    The L24 is in, and ready to go! I only get to work on the car a couple hours a night, so it took me about 3 nights from start to finish. Initially the L24 had low compression on a few cylinders (between 30-40psi). I put some Marvel Mystery oil in each cylinder, and after about 4 hours I tried again, and got about 150 across the board, seems promising! It starts and runs, and holds idle great! I have yet to drive it, I think there's a huge exhaust leak somewhere. I can't pin point it yet, but when you rev up the engine, exhaust smoke is coming from the manifold to turbo up pipe. So I'll probably have to pull it all apart and see how the welds are, or if there's a crack. But so far so good. Here's a few pictures from the swap!
  6. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    Valves are 42mm and 33mm, looks like they're stock size.
  7. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    Tony, your input is very useful, and I appreciate it. I'll see if I can find some time tonight to pull apart the SU carb and see if any of that's been done. If the dished pistons are a surprise, perhaps there are more? I was told 9k went into the engine build, just curious where all that money was spent, if that's an accurate number.
  8. Serban

    Draw through carb turbo setup

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I posted on this thread, but I finally got around to pulling the head off. Pistons look fine. This is an E31 block, and E31 head. It's got dished pistons which I'm told is not the stock piston on the E31, and the bore is 83mm. Pistons look clean with no sign of detonation. I haven't measured the valves yet to see if they're oversized. But what is everyone's thought on this? The head looks pretty clean. I guess next step will be to drain the oil and pull the oil pan off and investigate a little more. I still plan on cleaning this engine up and swapping it in with the Rajay turbo it came with, as long as it checks out. I'll also add an external wastegate. I don't like the idea the idea of not controlling the boost. I'm also not looking to shatter any records, I realize doing an EFI carb body would ultimately be the way to go, but I just want to keep this as it was 30 years ago. I don't want to spray any methanol, if the SU will handle 10-12psi without running lean, I'd be ok with that.
  9. Serban

    Misc. 240Z and 260/280Z parts

    Thanks! Just left you some feedback too, and de-cluttered the initial post!
  10. Serban

    Misc. 240Z and 260/280Z parts

    The two switches were actually frozen, couldn't use them so I tossed them. I do still have the defrost lamp.
  11. Serban

    240Z complete manifold and carbs

    Nope, already did SUs and moved one to triple webers now.
  12. Serban

    Misc. 240Z and 260/280Z parts

    Bump, prices lowered, and list updated!
  13. Serban

    Misc. 240Z and 260/280Z parts

    Sorry, was not able to find that defroster light. I may have sold it already.
  14. Serban

    Misc. 240Z and 260/280Z parts

    Windows are still available.