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    1982 280zx rb20 turbo silver
    1983 280zx rb26 turbo single 30gt garret stock lock silver
    240z1972 l28 turbo stock,
    240z 1970 Green stock Sold
    1998 supra fully built,51r spl, th400 gear vendor, 950rwhp Sold
    Nissan 35GTR 2009 stock Sold

    I have upgraded my 240z brake booster with electrical vacuum pump, connected direct to brake booster, works great no issue
  2. RB26 Front Sump Setup with Custom Crossmember

    I bought rb25 pan and modified it Check my building http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/123114-golden-rb-240z/?do=findComment&comment=1151028
  3. RB26 Front Sump Setup with Custom Crossmember

    better to go with R33gts or s14 crossmember, approximately 2inch wider
  4. Looking for locks set and Trunk holder Thanks
  5. Cleaning out Garage- RB26 & 240Z Parts

    PM sent
  6. Upgrade Alternator

    I think the best choice is lexus ls460 output 350amp
  7. Golden RB 240z

    with the amount of power RB26's will be producing and considering future upgrading I have to increase fuel system efficiency setup that will be up to the task of delivery enough fuel. As well as, I wanted a close to stock looking boot .First I modified spare well pics are in previous post. Second, I modified tank, I striped all the old hoses and sending unit. Then cut tank’s upper half and clean inside tank, plenty of rust shuffled then I welded internal bars as a support to protect it from crashs and welded small plates as fuel baffle to protect fuel pump from sucking air and keep itself full at all times thus, prevents fuel starvation in cornering and accelerating. Fabricate new metal upper cover, welded and leak tested. Made vent line Bought Toyota supra fuel hunger and welbro455 fuel pump but for now I installed Toyota chaser turbo fuel pump just for starting and trial test purpose. drilled hole in the tank and fabricate two ring adapter plates, the lower one welded with bolts and wielded on the tank the other ring holder for seal hunger. The pump right now sits about a half inch from the bottom of the tank, it should be perfect. I also upgraded old rubber filler nick and cap with 1.5 inch flexible steel hose one end welded into the tank hole the other end fitted into rubber hose to cap’s nick and firmly clamped at both ends. I do have a pretty tank now
  8. Golden RB 240z

    Dash had large crack holes, they were splitted the edges of the cracks flare upwards. I filled them with fiberglass then sand and flatten these flares down, then painted with plastic but cracks were in the typical places, and you could slide your fingers through them and may crack again in future. So decided to cover the dash with carbon fiber. First i painted it with epoxy resin and hardner coat to make it solid protected from any future cracking and flatten it out then layout carbon fiber cloth then put epoxy coat lastly, spray it with clear lacquer paint and do the same for all interior plastic pieces.
  9. Golden RB 240z

    I've completed the body work and now paint time
  10. Golden RB 240z

    Body work Replacing Passenger Floor and driver floor were very corroded.Also welded small rusty areas all over the body. I modified body seat base to fit 300z seats. welded support bars to protect body from cracking and for safety. Instead of using por15.I used cheaper and stronger tar paper roll 3mm, that used for sealing building roofs, for covering the floors from noise and rust. Finished up Shorten the spare wheel well and made removable fuel cover tab for custom fuel tank, then rewelded it back as nice as possible to give stock looking.