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  1. seattlejester's 1971 240Z

    That's awesome you ran into that mustang. I've been following his build since he was running the turbo Ford motor on the mustang forum. Awesome car and he seems like an awesome guy.
  2. You've invested so much time/money, and as a supporter of this community, it's the least I can do.
  3. Derek I just put the deposit down on 73 240z with a new rebuilt L28 short block. I'm rearing and ready to go waiting for this. It's come such a long way and I'm glad we were able to come along on this journey with you. Can't wait!
  4. RB25DET Advice

    after a little more digging I've read/heard some great things about JSpec Auto in VA. They seem to take some of the most detailed pictures of parts I've seen.
  5. RB25DET Advice

    I believe they are the old JDM Tiger, website looks eerily similar. But keep an eye on their contact info. Osaka JDM Motors and JDM Racing Motors are the same company. Also call anyone you're buying parts from. Some of the stuff they have on the website is already sold but they're always getting new stuff so you kinda have to be pro-active to get what you want.
  6. I was saying the trans can hold up to these levels in boosted applications in e30s, so it should be fine here in an n/a scenario. I wouldn't want to boost an engine with this head. From what it should be capable of in a higher compression non-boosted car it will be plenty. You'd have to build the car around the engine like they build A-10 warthogs around its cannon. I can't wait for this to come to fruition, I'm picking up and building a 240z just for this head. I can't wait!
  7. I wish someone would make an adapter for the bmw getrag transmissions several E30's and E36's running 400+ft tq setups with the stock trans, mine soon to be included. And they're plentiful and cheap.
  8. (another) l28et 280z

    I've seen Aux's thread and it's been pointed out that he didn't do it the most efficient way (swapping the front case for front engine mounts when the motors available to me are side mounted) etc... I'll keep an eye out for future posts in your thread.
  9. (another) l28et 280z

    How has no one commented on this? This is awesome, my favorite motor going into my favorite chassis. Rock on! I'd like to see your engine mount solution.. might have to ask you to make a second set
  10. BMW E30: ANIMAL

    I needed a new daily, as i gave my wife my 06 Buick LeCrosse. It's been while since I had a car I could daily and actually enjoy driving. Enter this E30. My brothers are more in tune with the "newer" euro/jdm tuner crowds. My brother had a 240sx until a few months ago, and while it was a fun-ish car to drive i couldn't get over the drifter/Fast N Furious fanboy following. However, I kept seeing these e30s pop up on their pictures at car meets. I had never acutally seen one in decent condition. The next day I jump on CL, I found this one: 5sp manual, minimal rust, a little rough cosmetically, everything worked (minus the sunroof and OD, common E30 issues and cheep fixes) but ran like a champ and the price was wayyyy to good to walk away from. From the first time i drove it i fell in love. It's light, rev happy, the sport seats are comfortable and it already had Bilstein shocks and sport springs. My goal is to get her back up to A- condition cosmetically inside and out. I've got quite a few parts coming to redo the damaged trim and repaint the faded grills, fix the fog lights and vents. I found a set of Style 5 rims I'm cleaning up and alot more. I'm over on R3V but i'll try to keep this updated monthly.
  11. 1970 Datsun 2000 Roadster SR20det

    I'm in Topeka, I'd love to come check this thing out. Where abouts are you?
  12. Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    These posts made my day. Thank you for sticking around and allowing us to see her to completion!
  13. Starting a project

    The above may be true, however listening to the car thump away like my truck is a turn off for me. The sound and everything that comes with the L6 is what gets me going. I don't want my car sounding like a truck or every other muscle car at the car show. There are other ways to get 300ft lbs and stay japanese and do it NA. To each there own.
  14. Starting a project

    i vote to get some wheel time with the 6 thats in it. people look at these cars just as swap beds, instead of enjoying what the car is supposed to be. If tuned correctly that Lseries can surprise you.