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  1. Plug and Play Megasquirt Wiring Harness + sensors etc

    Hey just wanted to let anyone who is interested know. I have received my full harness last week. The ECU was heavily wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed in with foam, and the harness was also wrapped. Everything arrived exactly as described and pictured, everything is clearly labeled, and it came with printed detailed instructions. It shipped way faster than expected considering it came from canada. Overall Im very happy with my experience, Hussein was incredibly helpful figuring out how I wanted my setup, kept me updated every step, and had it done faster than originally promised. Everything looks great should make for a very clean install.
  2. Looking to buy a stock 81 l28et engine harness and distributor. I have everything else needed for a stock setup already. Would also be interested in an aftermarket engine management setup. Just let me know what you have.
  3. " Do It In A Datsun " License Frames

    Just got mine installed and it looks fantastic! Very cool accessory.
  4. " Do It In A Datsun " License Frames

    I was wondering the same,sending a PM.
  5. This car is gone. No more parts from it. Sorry

    Hey do you have Dr side door hinges in good condition? And possibly a Pr side window regulator? If so how much before shipping? Or if you do shipped quotes 51106.
  6. 76 280Z Part Out everything must go!

    Do the doors close right still? I need a non warped DR side door hinges. Also looking for PR side window regulator, but not sure if its the same if someone could verify? My car is an early 74.
  7. 260z items for sale

    PM sent.
  8. 260z items for sale

    OK I'll pm you with a couple questions later, I gotta fight with the Z right now.
  9. 260z items for sale

    Is the Carb adapter sold yet?If not I think I want it.
  10. 240Zrearquarter

    About the exhaust, I thought doing rhe very same thing on my Z fr the same reason, how does it actually sound? Cause thats alway important to me.
  11. 280zx turbo swastika wheels - FREE

    Well its still cool of you to let them go for free, thanks anyway.
  12. On my 260z the I had a MC where only half worked, so it is possible. One of the hard lines could be plugged as well.
  13. 280zx turbo swastika wheels - FREE

    Damn! I wish you were local, hell I would have been willing to pay for them if you would ship.
  14. Annabelle movie

    Huh, I thought it was really gonna suck to be honest. I really liked The Conjuring, though. I figured it was just gonna ride the coattails of The Conjuring, and there wasn't near enough material to even base a story on. It was a recipe for a really terrible movie.
  15. The way I did it, slip a 10mm wrench(I used a gear wrench) inbetween the hatch and body and undo the bolts that hold the latch mechanism to the hatch. Then you can open the hatch and figure out why the latch stuck, for me it was rust and and a broken spring, which I fixed. You need to the to go back and forth between the two bolts so you can lift up the latch as they come out, otherwise they'll run into the body. This is of course all assuming you have an S30.