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  1. x911

    Looking for L series rockers/cam

    I found rockers but I'm still looking for an internally oiled cam! Thanks guys!
  2. Hi guys, I need a full set of rockers (12) plus a L28 cam. The condition doesn't matter, I'll get them reground. I'm also looking for performance springs or a complete performance valvetrain. Thanks!
  3. x911

    240z electronic ignition help

    Digging up this old thread: Can I keep my stock 240z ignition coil and stock 240z tach if I want to use a 280zx E12-80 distributor? I found mixed info about that..
  4. x911

    240 260 280 performance and restoration parts

    PM sent for the weatherstrips EDIT: Paid
  5. x911

    240z suspension bits and R200 4.11 diff

    PM for the diff sent!
  6. Hi guys, please let me know if you have an air dam, a rear LH quarter panel or metal fenders for a 71 240z for sale. Thanks! Found one