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  1. Marks260z

    240z vs 280z

    Old Z's are notorious for getting light in the front end at speed. Too much air gets up under the hood at speed. The grill opening is way to big with no where for the wind to go. If frame rail strength worries you about the differences between the 240 and the 280 just add big dog fame rails. That is the biggest difference that I have noticed between all my Z's. As to the wind under the hood I have seen it mentioned a number of times in the forums. Do you have a front spoiler on your car now?
  2. Long shot for you. You mentioned it was out of a ZX? I had a ZX that had the same random symptoms and I traced it to the oil pressure sensor that was on the way out. The ZX added a fail safe to shut down the injectors in case of no oil pressure to save the engine. The stock oil pressure sensor fail fairy often. After checking ALL grounds after that I would try swapping the ignition sensor from the side of the dizzy and see what you get since you have access to a running match car. Good luck!
  3. Marks260z

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    I just added a third Z to the driveway... 1983 ZX automatic with T-tops. I have to figure out a fuel injection issue and then I will post some pics.
  4. Thank you for posting this. I am looking forward to the rest.
  5. I am planning on Hoke's and a 4L80.
  6. Marks260z

    lq9 specific question/s

    Are you going to run AC? I need to get accessories figured out as well for my 260Z swap. I have read so many threads now that it is all a jumble in my head.
  7. Marks260z

    530ZX - In progress

    Inspiring Sir.
  8. Marks260z

    L33/TKO600 73 240Z

    Good looking car to start with.
  9. Marks260z

    C6 Corvette Oil Pan

    I am jealous! Great find.
  10. Marks260z

    Want to buy round top su carbs

    I have a complete set rebuilt about 2 years ago.
  11. Marks260z

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    I am thinking about going to see what Hoke has going on in person. I am way behind on my Z project and need to at least decide on mounts so I can start stripping it down and collecting parts.
  12. Marks260z

    Austin 280z ls1 t56

    Full auto just get the thin 240 style bumpers from Black Dragon and run those. I am actually thinking about it as well.
  13. Marks260z

    Austin 280z ls1 t56

    It is looking great!
  14. From the starter on my last swap.