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  1. RyanT67's 240Z

    Great now I have to go with another color... I am leaning toward Toyota's Cement:
  2. RyanT67's 240Z

    is that Jeep's Anvil color?
  3. Zrossa's r32 VRZ

    I would not keep the front driveshafts guts
  4. Zrossa's r32 VRZ

    I am a subie guy...well I have owned 2 Saabarus I am wondering if could mate the L28 to a Subaru 5spd tran, drive shaft, dif, axles. I cut the and weld to the datsun hubs?
  5. Concept Stealth Tail Lights

    Would you be willing to make a set for me? if so, PM your price...
  6. Zrossa's r32 VRZ

    Does the subie 5spd line with the stock shifter location?
  7. Front side marker lights as turn signals

    are you going to do the same for the rear?
  8. Concept Stealth Tail Lights

  9. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Great...just interested if they fit width wise.
  10. 73Fairlady's 240z Build *heavy pics*

    Off topic question...can you see if the seats from the mazda3 would fit. I loved my Mazdaspeed3 seats and always wondered if they or the mazda3 seats fit. Thanks
  11. an entire Miata subframe transplant into a 240z

    so no new news... I can grab a miata minus driveline for $199...Just wondering about mated the front and rear suspension to one of my 240z's
  12. Man where are you getting all these imports?
  13. an entire Miata subframe transplant into a 240z

    any updates on this?
  14. Wanting a 240z Rolling Shell

    What is your budget?
  15. Northern VA, '71 240

    I watched that Z on Clist for sometime. Where in NoVA are you?