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  1. cbaumy34

    Intercooler, p90, shaved intake, stock j-pipe

    I have a pretty sweet greddy type s blow off vlave
  2. cbaumy34

    ZX dash parts of unknown year

    Interested in the side vent in the 3rd picture down.
  3. How do the outlets differ also wondering if you have a turbo coil bracket only. Thanks Jamal
  4. Since you are a zx master are the turbo and NA cats the same?
  5. Did you have a picture? Thank you
  6. Interested in exhaust pipe after the down pipe sir.
  7. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Parts are great!! Thanks man!
  8. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Yeah I have been looking into that set up its pretty cheap. Have you had luck with CXracing?
  9. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Also may be interested in an s130 intercooler set up.
  10. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Still need a bracket and mid pipe!
  11. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Sounds like a plan
  12. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Thanks !
  13. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Have a picture?
  14. cbaumy34

    l28et parts

    Looking for an coil plus bracket and ignitor. Also looking for the mid pipe that connects the down pipe off the turbo to the rest of the exhaust. Thanks
  15. cbaumy34

    280zx turbo ecu and flywheel

    Found all parts thanks stravi757 payment will be sent shortly