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  1. I'm very interested in these
  2. 280zxSheik

    TPI Electrical issues

    I fixed the previous issues. It was a loose fusable link and a bad turn signal flasher unit that was causing the battery to drain. My next two issues are with the radio harness, in that I have NO constant power, the schematic says that the constant power should be blue wire w/red stripe and ACC power should be yellow wire/green stripe. The car is a 83 280zx coupe, 5 speed. Next I'm working on a TPI SBC swap and I'm getting no power to the fuel pump, distributor, fuel pump felay # 2 on the passenger side engine bay compartment, I have power to the ECM, all fusable links, fuses and starter and most of my under dash relays are clicking. Two that aren't are the large gold one under the dash and the green one with the black, green, white and black stripe and blue w/red wires coming from it. Also the EFI relay and most of its associated wiring has been removed. Since I'm now running the TPI SBC are these components still necessary?
  3. 280zxSheik

    3800/T5 swap started

    I switched directions and went SBC
  4. 280zxSheik

    TPI Electrical issues

    Any input?
  5. 280zxSheik

    TPI Electrical issues

    Update; I checked the circuit for the hazard light since they get a constant 12v. I started at the fuse able links, which were good and receiving power, followed the power wires(white & white/black stripe) to the fuses(all were good) HOWEVER THE SECTION of the fuse block that innervates the hazards is getting no power from the white wire/black stripe that innervates it. I traced that wire up to the ACC relay and ONLY the fat white wire is getting power, the black wire/white stripe isn't. any ideas?
  6. 280zxSheik

    TPI Electrical issues

    I'll check the coil. I'm getting no power at the fuel pump and the 1st fuel pump relay(under the pass side dash) isn't clicking. I understood it to be the green relay? My Z problems are also a bit more complex. I also have no power in my interior anywhere. I have no parking or brake lights as well as dash or any type of interior lighting.
  7. Im finishing up my SBC TPI 280zx swap and it appears everything is accounted for. I go to hit the key, it cranks but wont turn over. Some things Ive checked are; 1.I'm getting power to the ecm and its grounded but i have no spark at the plug or fuel (at the rail). 2. The battery drains really really fast(within a day) 3. I also suddenly have no interior lights-at all but the headlights work.
  8. I'm trying to incorporate my tpi harness into my 280zx chassis and need some direction, should i be use the 280zx's original engine control relays? If so which relays? Do i need to use a gm relay center or buy a pricey aftermarket one? What can I remove from the tpi harness? What do I no longer need from the datsun original wiring or circuits? Can I eliminate the tpi fuel pump wiring and just keep the datsun stuff? How should I run the electric fans? What about the charging system, starter & how can I rear mount the battery?
  9. does anyone have pics of their jtr trans mount on the trans tunnel of the 280zx? I having difficulty getting mine to mount properly.
  10. 280zxSheik

    TPI 280zx

    Recent update to my 280zx build is I got over zealous with my motor selection and ended up buying a l05 5.7 out of a caprice, a lt1 out of a Buick road master and a lm7 5.3 from a gmc Denali. Right now the LT1 & LM7 are on stands, I put a complete tpi set up on the l05 tbi 5.7and that will be going in the 280zx. Unfortunately some accessories are missing. What starter should I use? Should I use the stock datsun battery cables and wiring? What can i eliminate from the stock TPI harness? The motor has a roller cam l05 from a buick, can I use a distributor from an 86 305 tpi camaro?
  11. 280zxSheik

    TPI 280zx

    I'm in the process of doing a tpi sbc swap in a 280zx. I was curious what throttle cable is everyone using? I have access to many accelerator cables and pedals from many donor cars so I'm very open to suggestions.
  12. 280zxSheik

    Want to buy sbc swap parts

    Still looking for parts
  13. 280zxSheik

    Want to buy sbc swap parts

    I'm hoping to do a tpi SBC swap in a 280zx, preferably the vette l98. I have a source on headers but let me know if anyone is selling a l98 motor, 700r4, wiring harness, ecm, aftermarket exhaust or a complete drivetrain. Also looking for motor mounts & tranny mounts. Email me at [email protected]