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  1. That was for the 3 piece, not the 1. But if the 3 piece didn't come with hardware, the 1 I would assume does not either. Needing mounting configuration tho, as some aren't as secure as the actual BRE from what I've seen.
  2. Does the 1 piece come with hardware? How many mounting points does it have?
  3. 73z85.0

    WTB Rear stub axle sleeve

    One of mine apparently grew legs in the months it was apart waiting on the coilover / new bearing install... I need 1 rear axle hub sleeve / carrier . Does anyone have one laying around?
  4. 73z85.0

    WTB 240z rear disc caliper brackets

    Just looked and didn't see them anywhere.
  5. 73z85.0

    WTB 240z rear disc caliper brackets

    Hey Lewy, I had a post wanting these as well. Where did you find them at?
  6. Looking for a set of rear disc brake conversion brackets. These can either be aftermarket or the factory maxima ones. Thanks!
  7. Gotcha.. Looking for brackets that utilize factory calipers to keep cost down.
  8. Interested.. What calipers do these fit? Maxima?
  9. 73z85.0

    Solid 260z rolling shell, perfect v8 car

    Pictures of the area under the front cowl?
  10. Walker, Do you have yours notched or just bolt / locking nut?
  11. Bumping it back up also years later. I've been reading on old threads all day. I can't seem that find that caliper bracket anywhere, I'm starting to feel like the 180$ brackets on ebay are my only option.
  12. 1 L Tee in Heather Gray. Zip code is 42501 1 L Hoodie - Heather gray if available? ( do we know what the hoodies are made up of?) Any idea when stickers available? Would like to order both at once to save shipping!. Thanks!
  13. 73z85.0

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I'm def in for some stickers / tshirt swag!
  14. 73z85.0

    240z part out

    What brand / size wheels are those? They look like what I will be running... Also interested in the seats
  15. 73z85.0

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    You have the rear diff flange? The one on the housing that bolts to the driveshaft yolk?
  16. 73z85.0

    Stock Car Mafia's '78 280z LS2 Build

    It's been a while since I read the whole thread.. Can you re share what hood you are running?
  17. Bought the JTR book and the TPI/TBI book as well. Does everyone just run a bolt thru the floorboard and through the JTR trans mount? Is that strong enough to hold, given the gauge of the facotry sheet metal? Has anyone used another steel plate inside the car for added strength?
  18. It's on my list of things to pick up. I seen JTR's flange after I posted that, I guess I had over looked it.. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for sharing all the info that you share on this! I've got the t5 mocked up. Next is my driveshaft stuff.. Mine came with a 700r4 that someone had cobbled together. The rear of the driveshaft that connects to the rear end was hacked together and fit very lose. Is there a place you would recommend for having a driveshaft made at? And is there a specific flange I should be using that will mount to my r180 rear diff correctly? Thanks!!
  20. 73z85.0

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Got my clutch rod part in.. Thanks!!!!
  21. Thanks miles! Is there a reason to use this starter vs the iroc camaro manual trans starter?
  22. This link looks like it isn't valid anymore and I tried searching the site with no luck. Anyone have an updated link?
  23. 73z85.0

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Any chance you still have the factory clutch master cylinder? I need the rod and little U shaped clip on the end.
  24. 73z85.0

    73 240Z with SBC V8- worth it? Good build?

    After seeing some of these, makes me wish I'd of held off and bought one mostly done.. I bought my 350 swapped 74 260z for 2500$. purchased 3k in parts so far and it hasn't moved an inch.. I think the value of these cars are really increasing as of late.
  25. 73z85.0

    Project 71 SR-240Z

    Any more updates on this?