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  1. transmission bolts

    Again thanks everyone I did managed to get the right bolts for the bell housing. As far as the carpartsmanual site, it is a good resource although is there any other bolt inventories that might give what the actual bolt is. I know i also need clutch cap bolts which i know is part # 30223-e4100 and flywheel bolts which are # 12315-u6000. I went to a Nissan dealer and they wanted almost $7 a piece for flywheel bolts and $5 for the cover bolts. If i knew the pitch and length im sure i could find them cheaper around town.
  2. transmission bolts

    Thank you for the info guys and yes it is an auto to a 5 speed. I am celebrating the holidays and have not done the swap but I'll go thru the links provided as soon as the weekend is done
  3. transmission bolts

    I am doing a transmission swap on my 75 280z, the 5 speed I am putting in i think is a FS5C71B but am not sure, it came with the car. The 5 speed did not come with bolts and it is obviously a thicker bell housing. In every trans swap post I've read no one has said what size bolts go with the 5 speed. Where can I find the length for the manual bolts?