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  1. Is anyone running a square setup? Wheels and tires? I just purchased a 240 and it has some "want a bee" 15x10 - 25 square(all 4). The car has 225 fronts with a 265 Hankook h101 trucker tire rear. I was wanting to run 245/40/15 square Hankook rs4 or the rivals. Car has ZG flares. Any thoughts? Thank you, Chris
  2. NACH

    Finally Picked Up My S30

    Very nice car. I am stealing your trailer setup ahaha. I love the tire rack. Chris
  3. NACH

    SOLD: 71 240Z LS1 T56

    Very nice Z. Chris
  4. NACH

    1971 240Z Series 1 project, Western PA

    Email pictures to [email protected] Thank you, Chris
  5. I tried to confirm through ebay. I was heading to zdayz and never heard back. Chris