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  1. Alternate Fuel Line Routing

    Makes me feel like an idiot for running my recent 3/8" lines in the stock 240z location. Didn't end up taking the tranny out (Would have been way easier), but the whole rear suspension was gone. Ugh.
  2. My car would do the same when cold and trying to rev. Aka Lean condition. With proper float levels, and a good idle mixture it is possible racier needles have been installed in the past (Do you have a wideband o2?). SM needles or the like, like to idle very very rich to get a proper mixture in the power band. If your setting your mixtures at idle for stoich, then they will be running lean everywhere else. Richen up the mixture, and maybe order some new factory needles from Z therapy.
  3. Where to get exhaust valves for mild race engine?

    I had a bad experience with SI valves. If you do this, ensure you are using bronze guides. This is a must and fairly well known with most builders. My builder did not and it cost me.
  4. Megasquirt grounding

    Split mine up into 2 separate spade connectors. I believe 3 in each connector. Then both spades grounded to one of the starter bolts. I find their literature hard to understand. Your not alone.
  5. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    They will easily mount to any DCOE manifold currently made for the L series...
  6. What year 240sx TPS on L28 engine?

    Both are fine, but TPS are TB specific.
  7. MSA 2.5" Exhaust System

    I put a resonator in my system and it just makes it a little quieter The popping comes from your fuel mixtures. Enhanced by your cam which is less emission sensitive I'm sure. You may not have this issue with the twice pipes, as the exhaust pulses are split between the pipes. Each pulse is alternating between each separate exhaust system. My own theory at least. What are you using for carburetors. Stock needles or modified for your cam?
  8. Boost control

    I've had that thought before, but I do believe there is a large difference between fuel cut and just a lean dangerous mixture. One being, there is no fuel to be lean... No fuel to burn.
  9. throttle cable

    I did the same as Richard. Mine was originally an automatic and I had to remove the "full throttle" switch to get full cable throw. Works perfect now in "mock up" form. Road test to come.
  10. Building an L28 (NA)

    Can you pull the plugs after idling? Might give an indication of no spark vs no fuel....
  11. 1972 240Z Blower Fan

    Are you wanting this for originality? A simple fix could be to switch ground and power wires. Fan should turn the other way.
  12. Strange dying issue....Take a shot..

    I was amazed the difference the uncoated headers made vs. the stock manifold. Everything was hot on that side of the engine as well.
  13. L28et pig rich. Either settings or wiring issue

    440cc from the early turbo supra. Low Z
  14. L28et pig rich. Either settings or wiring issue

    Great to hear its running. Youve got me worried now with my supra injectors relying on thr PWM in MS2
  15. Strange dying issue....Take a shot..

    Sounds exactly like vaporlock. Mine would start when having the same issue, but as you said would take many more seconds. I was running SUs, ended up wrapping the fuel lines in foil insulation tape. Got rid of most of the issues. Problem started after adding a non coated header. I wouldnt put another one on without having it coated or wrapping it.