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  1. I’m running NGK bpr6es-11. Same as stock but wider gap. LS guys have their gap set between .050” and .060” it seems. I opened mine to .050” and called it a day.
  2. You can use whatever gas you tune it for. But there is a reason turbo cars usually run higher octane fuel.
  3. Looks like that link confirmed by thoughts. Front and back are different. Probably not your issue. Raising the valve via washer will effectively make your mixture more lean. That’s the way it works in my head at least.
  4. It’s been ages since I took apart my SUs. But I do believe there is two different height needle valves. If the wrong ones are in there (short in stead of tall) it could be very very difficult to set the float heights.
  5. If you don't know if your running lean, pull the plugs. The wideband 02 dinosaur way Plugs don't lie.
  6. Alternator Noise with MS2

    edit: Posted in error.
  7. Exhaust Manifold studs vs bolts?

    Studs are used for the exhaust manifold from the factory. Unsure what factory used for the upper intake, but I do believe bolts were used.
  8. Alternator Noise with MS2

    My issue stemmed from a large body ground I had installed with the MS2. All stock grounds remained, but were insufficient. At one point I removed it as I thought it was overkill, but intact it really was doing something. Just one thing to look into.
  9. Alternator Noise with MS2

    General consensus from what i'd read is to match the MS2 to the gauge as you said. My LC-1 had the exact same readout as my MS2 (until the gauge gave out on me). I assume you have two separate grounds as stated in the instructions? I was getting a lot of noise in my system until I realized I had removed a good body ground. Replaced it once again and 95% of the noise is gone.
  10. MS2 3.0 w/ MS2extra No Spark

    +1. With a brain like an encyclopedia he's a great and knowledgeable helping hand in the community that's for sure!
  11. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Vacuum advance won't affect WOT power. One day, toss a timing light on and at least see what you are running for idle advance. Thanks for posting your sheet!
  12. Do you always degree your aftermarket cam?

    Sorry, wasn't a question. It was a statement. I also degreed mine 8 degrees advanced from straight up.
  13. Do you always degree your aftermarket cam?

    8 degrees here from straight up after actually degreeing the cam.
  14. N42 3.0 trackday build

    Rebello will have pistons. He probably has a full rebuilt kit for you for a good price.
  15. Lost 3 lap pads

    When I popped a lash pad, a valve ended up knicking a piston. Stainless valves were too tight in cast guides and with the heat of normal engine operation lodged a valve stem in the guide and the piston tapped the valve. i noticed looking through the spark plug hole and seeing the minor marking on the piston.