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  1. HuD 91gt

    L28E: Stalling when warm.

    If the problem got worse, I’d check all your new connections. If it’s still bad, look at the harness or any other areas which may have been disturbed in the process of putting in those new connectors.
  2. HuD 91gt

    Leon's Other 260Z

    Wow technology is so cool
  3. HuD 91gt

    Exhaust order?

    The cat needs to get hot to work properly.
  4. A bit of a tangent, but you bring up your sway bar was too tight. I’ve yet to read a proper way to tighten sway bar bushings.
  5. HuD 91gt

    L24 block question

    Wide array of metal gaskets in all sorts of thicknesses. If and when the blocked is decked, Make sure to include the timing cover.
  6. HuD 91gt

    .480"/280 cam and EFI intakes

    Weber manifold with injector ports?
  7. Very impressive work. Quality is A+++
  8. HuD 91gt

    New Feal Coilovers

    Perhaps I read their website wrong then.
  9. HuD 91gt

    Fuel Delivery - EFI Conversion?

    I used a aluminum plate mounted to the stock location (even though my car had mechanical only it still had the holes). Then mounted carter pump to that. Ground using the mount holes.
  10. HuD 91gt

    New Feal Coilovers

    I noticed on their webpage they offer TTT and feal top hats. Do you know what the difference is and what did you end up with?
  11. HuD 91gt

    Clutch pilot bearing removal

    Tap it, screw in bolt. Pull out. No?
  12. HuD 91gt

    New Valves?

    Someone please correct if im wrong, but are stock guides not cast steel?
  13. HuD 91gt

    New Valves?

    That makes two experienced engine builders on board with the bronze. Wish I had that info prior too... Ive only talked to Dave once but he was great over the phone and I really regret not working with him for my engine build. Live and learn.
  14. HuD 91gt

    New Valves?

    Make sure they use a bronze guide. Cast steel will cause gulling (sp? Might not be the correct term, but extreme wear from different expansion rates and metal on metal love). My guides were brand new cast, built by a reputable Canadian Datsun shop. Valves seized in the guides when the engine was warm. After more research apparently using bronze guides with stainless valves is a well known fact. SI valves seem to show this issue more prevalently. A well known L series builder in Australia gave me some advice afterwards about using these valves. He said excessive clearances or bronze guides are the only way to use these without issue.
  15. HuD 91gt

    New Valves?

    Just make Sure you have proper guides to go with those valves, or very large clearances within your stock guides. Was a costly mistake for me.