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  1. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    Not silly. They are sold in pairs.
  2. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    Gotcha, it depends on the part and the popularity of it. It will range between 10-30%
  3. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    I am going to be making the stainless steel inner scuff plates for the 240Z. I have the group buy up at http://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-stainless-steel-inner-scuff-plate
  4. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    Okay, thanks. I am working on getting some scuff plates going for the 240Z since there seems to be enough interest for a ss version. Maybe shoot me an email ( [email protected] ) with some reference pictures of what you like that you've seen on some other models out there. If it seems reasonable to do I may need some measurements from you since I no longer have any OEM seats.
  5. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    Okay, yeah I believe those will be the 240Z style. Even though the early 280 sills look very similar they are 37.25" long.
  6. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    Preorder is available. http://skillard.com/products/280z-stainless-steel-inner-scuff-plates
  7. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    What is the length of these? I have a set that are off of a 76 that look comparable... the notable difference is an extra cutout on the tight radius.
  8. Skillard Stainless Steel Inner Scuff Plates

    I believe that the 260 has the same scuff plates as the 240.
  9. SALE! 22% discount on all Stainless Steel Bolt kits

    This is so handy to have what you need already kitted. New stainless hardware is certainly the way to go for replacing most of the hardware on these old cars. I always run a tap to prevent galling and it makes the job nice and easy.
  10. I am working on some #4 brushed stainless steel inner scuff plates for the 280Z. They are modeled after the the later 280Z plates but I also put them in a 76 that had the early 280Z scuff plates and they fit great. In the early 280Z's you may need to drill a few 1/8" holes for mounting is all. I will also offer the option to powder coat them black (they will still be the same stainless steel under the powder coat). I can also look at making them for the 240Z but I know that those are still available to purchase... If there is enough interest for the 240's to have stainless steel scuff plates I can do that too. I should have these up at skillard.com to pre-order this week and should have them ready to ship early January. The price point isn't finalized yet but it's looking like $80 for a set of 2 with stainless mounting screws. Add $10 for powder coating.
  11. Skillard Products

    Thanks! It's taken awhile but I should have S130 door cards available soon. I have also been looking for a s130 to start designing more parts off of.
  12. Aluminum Door Panels for 240Z 260Z 280Z NEW

    Sweet door cards!
  13. Skillard Products

    Hi Everyone! My name is Ben and being a fellow Z enthusiast I wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge, ideas, inspiration, and products to make all this car stuff a lot of fun. Thought I would share some pictures of some of the S30 products that are available at skillard.com If you have any comments, questions about our current products or ideas for a new product you would like me to look at please post below. Also if you have any pictures of your Skillard products on your Z please feel free to post those as well (some of you might see you car pictured below in the pictures you have already shared with me). I am also going to try to be better posting information about new products, promotions and other information on the forum (likely in new threads). I will also put product links below that will provide more product information. Some of our products pictured below are... Front Grill 240Z http://skillard.com/products/datsun-240z-front-grill Front Grill 280Z http://skillard.com/products/datsun-280z-front-grill-s30 Front Grill 280Z w/o Turns http://skillard.com/products/datsun-280z-front-grill-with-turn-signal-delete Door Cards http://skillard.com/products/280z-door-cards Front Lip Splitter http://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-280z-front-lip-splitter Rear Diffuser http://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-280z-rear-diffuser Hood Vents http://skillard.com/products/280z-hood-vents-louvers Door Sills http://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-280z-threshold-plates-set-of-2 Fuel Tank Straps http://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-280z-stainless-steel-fuel-tank-straps Bumper Deletes http://skillard.com/products/280z-front-bumper-delete-plates