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  1. Here's the correct fitting, Thread Adaptor 3/8 x 24NF - 10 x 1mm and it's sold by Brake Connect to use stock 10mm brake line fittings.
  2. I've heard good things about those mounts with the only issue being low mount f body alternator clearance from the engine mount.
  3. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    I've heard good and bad about them. They are definitely cheaper than a T56 even bought new. I'm curious about shifter placement and torque holding capacity.
  4. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    What manual trans would you use? I've thought about the 350-370Z trans with adapter but with mixed reviews on durability behind a LS motors torque. Even considered a G Force T5.
  5. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    How's that 3:90 on the street? I just bought a 3:70 and I'm worried about 1st gear being unusable with a T56 and high fwy revs at cruise.
  6. 11US is hilarious! I'm from Vegas but staying in Barrie with my girlfriend and pleasantly surprised with the exchange rate. Nice build. I just picked up my diff from Whitehead Performance, obviously made from titanium and gold plated for what I paid for it.
  7. 280zx's with Ls swaps

    www.southernperformancesystems.com They make a 280Z specific LS swap kit for $499.00.
  8. 280zx's with Ls swaps

  9. I was concerned about that as well Richard, for what its worth I contacted EXEDY about their SFI flywheels and clutches and their response is that the LS flywheel must pass an 18,000 rpm load and burst test and the flywheels 13,000 rpm. For what that's worth. I wonder if the LSA Camaros and CTV's have a special flywheel and clutch assy.
  10. SFI blanket for F body T56. www.emracingcorp.com
  11. SFI blanket for F body T56. www.emracingcorp.com
  12. I've heard the Hawks' work, anyone try CX racing long tubes with a QuickTime bellhousing?
  13. Project Rex Killer, 240z LS3

    Outstanding job, the quality of your craftsmanship sets the bar high.
  14. Has any tired the KB racing log manifold? Hood modifications definitely required. kbracing.net
  15. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    I'm from Vegas as well, nice build. Here's a pic with a T56 comparison.