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  1. wtb: r200 3.54 rear

    Mine is a 3.54....
  2. wtb: r200 3.54 rear

    I have one, but without the stubs. Would do 150+ the ride if you wanted it.
  3. Window trim and bumper brackets

    If he doesn't find his, I have a complete front set of trim for a windshield.
  4. Iola WI swap meet

    Not many people came. Couldn't really get into any posts or anything at the show. Did alright, but Saturday and Sunday, I could have stayed home and been just fine.
  5. Iola WI swap meet

    I will have the remaining 280Z 2+2 parts with me at Iola. AJ54 and AJ55 swap spaces. If you are coming, make sure you stop by!
  6. WTB 280Z 2+2 Fuel Filler neck

    I have a 2+2 filler neck.... In this pic, minus the mini tank.
  7. Crap. Sold 2 of the gauges already. Still have the dash shell and most of the parts....
  8. Front Timing Cover (L28, L-series)

    Anything like this? Message me if so...
  9. That sold quite a while ago. Still have the rear end and some of the other bracketry associated with it, but that particular piece is gone already.
  10. I would love to sell the engine and all its parts in its entirety, but no one has stepped up. As such, yes, I will sell parts off the engine.
  11. Door panels just left for australia today. However, I do have one set of black armrests left, if you are interested, 30 +the ride for the pair.
  12. 280z volt / fuel gauge.

    I should have one. Do you still need the blower?
  13. 280Z front crossmember

    Sent you a pm and an email. I have a nice one.
  14. I don't have the locks. I DO still have the front fenders. I will ship them. One is rust free, the other has some very minor rust.k I will ship, if the dimensions will go... I may be able to wrap them together some how. I think I still have the cable and housing. Not sure.
  15. If anyone is interested in large parts, it looks like I am heading south from Ripon, WI through Chicago, and into Lower Michigan this weekend. Anyone need anything?