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  1. Hello from Northern California

    What kind of Z do you have? Any pics?
  2. Hello from Northern California

    I'm in suisun city near Vallejo. I don't know if that is considered the North Bay or what.
  3. Always used Hybridz for a resource and quick reference, and i know that all of you here are just as passionate about your Z (or Zs) as I am. I haven't really done much posting on here though. So what better way to start then through a introduction. Had my 1970 240Z for 8 years now, kept her stock for many years, then about 2 years ago, I began to freshen her up. Currently on a home built rotisserie in the garage, built frame rails, built new floors, fixed as much rust as I could, POR and undercoated, and soon enough I will be putting in her new power plant. During the past year plus, I have been rebuilding and very slightly modifying a R32 RB26 for her. Here's a few pics of the work I've done. Sorry that the first pic is sideways. I don't know why it won't let me turn it. I'm not the most tech savvy.
  4. So Pat, Do you fab oil pans for 240's?
  5. Pat, I def agree with you. Haven't heard any reviews on any of cxracing products other than they are less expensive. Going through McKinney, when I talked to them to ask them a question as simple as " what would the total quantity of oil be for your pan" so I can figure out if I will need to mod my dipstick they told me 7+ quarts. The "+" makes me wonder if 8 is too much. Not good clarification on their end.
  6. I've now noticed that Cxracing is selling a RB26 oil pan and strainer for fitting an RB26 in a 240Z with RB 25 trans. And the price is hundreds less than McKinney and Raw Brokerage. Has anyone installed this that can review it? Trying to see if it is worth the $ or if it's crap, doesn't fit right, or what have you. Thanks
  7. Electronic speedometers

    I've seen the 4" one avail on speedhut.com and it's a GPS speedo too.
  8. Found them for $140.42 @ http://www.sparktecmotorsports.com/es-7-18101.html?utm_source=googlepepla&utm_medium=adwords&id=20861070197 For the compete kit (240z's), don't know about 260s n' 280s though.