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  1. Vg30DET information

    I have mine running for a while now. Realy like the instand boost of it. Next year Ill up the boost.
  2. Multiple PMs About Expired Donation

    I'm still getting them every day.
  3. No overheat, still get oil cooler for race car?

    10W30 is to thin for the old L28. I've ran 10W40 and my stock L28 smoked a bit with that. I've switched to 20W50 and it stopped smoking. These engines aren't made for that thin oil.
  4. What sender is this? I need one for my Z32 tranny.
  5. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Do you have a picture of the custom fuel rail? I have a VG30DET in my 83 Laurel.
  6. New cam+head looks terrible

    The cam is pushed out a little bit, probably during shipping. The marks on the cam towers are normal, they all have that. But since it is a used head you should have it tested before you put it on.
  7. Crazy idea? Seeking opinions on this intake

    Yes manometers for balancing.
  8. Crazy idea? Seeking opinions on this intake

    That is what I had in my BMW but with ITB's:
  9. Crazy idea? Seeking opinions on this intake

    Short and large diameter runner are for HP and small, long runners for torque I believe. These are long and large runners, so best of both worlds? Still, the flange doesn't fit the head..... What If you cut it off behind the flange and weld a EFI flange on it with the injector bosses and port it to match the diesel runners, would this be a good low down torque manifold? I'm asking because I have a L28 in my heavy Nissan Patrol which could use more low down torque. I'm going turbo with it and want as much torque as possible (already have a P90 head, RB20 turbocharger, flat top pistons)
  10. Crazy idea? Seeking opinions on this intake

    Here is the LD intake and a L28 carb intake: L28 carb intake has the same flange as a L28 efi intake, I have an EFI intake on my L28 carb engine now.
  11. Crazy idea? Seeking opinions on this intake

    I have a diesel intake but it has a different flange on the head side than the gasoline intakes. And I've read somewhere that the hood doens't clear the diesel intake in stock form. This one with the added extra 1" will be even higher.
  12. Turbo intake or NAPS intake for most torque

    This is the twin plate TB: And a not so good to see picture of how I have the cable hooked up now:
  13. Wanted: 720 Diesel Truck 5speed

    I may have a bellhousing from a Cabstar with a SD25.
  14. Turbo intake or NAPS intake for most torque

    It the L28 one. Block/head combo was N42/N42. It will be cable operated, that is how I made my current TB from a 280ZX too. (Patrol comes with a single carb from factory and F54/N42 block/head combo) So it would be better to swap to the stock 50mm TB than. P65 would be nice but it has to come from Japan.
  15. I'm in the proccess of building a L28 turbo for my 4500 pound Patrol. Since it is suchs a heavy beast I need as much low down torque as possible so this is what i'm thinking of/what i already have: JDM L28 block US Flat top pistons US P90 head Euro turbo exhaust manifold JDM RB20DET turbocharger I also have 3 intake manfolds: US turbo intake with bigger TB US N/A intake JDM NAPS intake with the twin butterfly TB Which intake would be best to use for me? I think the NAPS because it has one small butterfly which opens first and one bigger butterfly which opens later. IMG_20170204_140748849 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr IMG_20170204_140730491 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr IMG_20170204_140351061 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr IMG_20170204_140327120 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr