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  1. 1977 280z Turbocharged Stroker

    never thought youd put it up again. need a little more info. pls pm. I want a ruckus daily driver.life is good
  2. 1978 280z TURBO 5 SPEED

    man id be all over this i just moved back to california from flushing !!!!! check your relays, sounds like ecu/efi relay is shot. i wouldnt tell you this if i was still in queens!!! i needed something like this when i was out there, dangit.
  3. 1984 Maxima Turbo

    Im into this if it could drive to ca towards the middle of the summer... ill be away for work until then. pm sent....
  4. 1983 280zx Turbo slick top CA

    i would be as well, looks like its pretty custom. if it were me, id keep it. Im leaning towards a more stock appearing s130 turbo 5 spd but theres not alot out there for sale, and im a t-top LOVER. but i do like the parts on your car. when i get back to the bay area in a week or so i would love to take a better look if its still for sale. cant blame you for second thoughts turbo z's are cool.
  5. 1983 280zx Turbo slick top CA

    this car becomes more interesting by the minute...
  6. 1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    I overestimated the ebay, man i thought that car would do way better. its ok, as with these cars its all about the process. shoot im in Manhattan until next year for work anyways.... youd have to be nuts or superrich to have a car out here...
  7. 1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    wow, and to think i had 7k for you without ebay fees.... man it is a recession.....for some
  8. 1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    are you planning to come to the bay area? i think this is the one older car i would work with besides a nice 280zxt I am still in the market.
  9. 1972 VQ35DE swapped 2dr. Datsun 510

    you made me come out of lurk mode 7000 i havent posted in three years, cant resist. i can understand if its too low, but i gotta try. if money talks, im screaming.
  10. new pics of my 240zg

    But it owns me, if you know what I mean. amen yadidimean..
  11. The only time that would make sense to me is if you get a super deal on a car or engine/trans combo thats been in a engine fire or something and the harness is shot. doing a carb conversion would be my route then.
  12. I got mine at the vw dealership. I just said old school vw welting and they brought me the right stuff.
  13. They should bolt right on. I used a rubber welting from vw to make them go a little bit more flush. Its too bad I sold my 1st gen last week though. Gas prices vs. the rotary, the rotary lost.... Im sticking to the B series.....
  14. When will Nissan grow some balls?

    I need z33 with factory boost....
  15. 240 bumper on a 280

    Ive done that conversion to three 280z cars right already, I can say its pretty easy. For the rear, the 260z brackets and a 240z or early 260z bumper will bolt right up, after you get rid of the rear bump supports or saw them off, I usually saw them off. For the front you have to drop the front bumper supports and fab up some L bracket looking brackets. Drill the body side of the brackets to bolt up where the 280z bumper supports go, and use the 280z bolts to bolt them up.