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  1. stravi757

    Transmission Mount Liquid Urethane

    This is a good idea to always keep in mind! You can probably find a lot of uses out of it. So how did it feel to run one poly and one stock mount compared to both poly? Is that combo what you still are running? Im interested in buy a set. how much do you want for them. You can pm me details. I did install these types of mounts in a z once(not mine) and had the same issue with fittment. How did they feel/how are they holding up? I just figured they weren't even worth trying. But maybe I was wrong. I mean, the Nissan OEM ones start to flex more over time fairly quick anyway. The rubber on them will always separate from the sides on them...
  2. stravi757

    Transmission Mount Liquid Urethane

    We will find out soon! Is there anything you have tried I havent mentioned? Whoa. is your set the poly or rubber style. Come to think now I probably would prefer the rubber, but would give the poly a shot too. Did you ever run them? how did they feel? On their website they have this posted. https://www.mckinneymotorsports.com/prod_motor+mount+styles So it looks like these are options to swap/replace between rubber, poly, semi solid poly, and aluminum.
  3. stravi757

    Transmission Mount Liquid Urethane

    Thought I would share this with everyone. 1978 280z l28 280zx 5speed, Stock EFI(for now) To give a little back story. I daily drive my 280z 19878, so comfort/quality drivability is important to me. As we all know the Z cars are known for having a "clunk". After replacing everything from the motor mounts to the half shafts, the car drove very well. I was enjoying life for a while. But as I continued the drive my car more and more, I found myself dissatisfied with the drive quality again. So I began looking for more things to change. I went ahead and installed 350z seats, those made a huge difference. After that I continued to try more things out. -I did the Technoversions front diff mount https://www.technoversions.com/DiffMountHome.html -Polyurethane bushings on everything excluding the rear inner control arms, and the TC rods -3.9 SUBARU R180 LSD This is pretty much what i have done so far, and dont get me wrong, the car drives really well. But I still feel kick between On and Off throttle that gets on my nerves a little bit. So My next idea is, filling in the stock transmission mount with Liquid urethane http://www.energysuspensionparts.com/diymmi I used a new Nissan mount. Im waiting a couple more days for it to cure, and then will install and post results. They are real soft stock, so we will see how much of a difference this makes. I know I can see my shift rod move a good amount when giving the car gas. After this my next things in line are Lokar cable throttle, and motor mounts. I bought the cable throttle already but Im still working on how I will install it. I would like to use KTM's design, But I haven't figured out how to put together a kit myself, or to see if KTM still has one laying around for sale http://www.zcar.com/forum/10-70-83-tech-discussion-forum/276091-throttle-cable-conversion-kit-interest-does-not-require-different-throttle-body.html Im sure this will be a huge improvement also! As Far as motor mounts. Right now I am running New oem. I tried using https://silverproject.eu/en/shop/nissan/solid-engine-mounts-for-datsun-240z-260z-nissan-s30/ But they are a little rough, as my dash was vibrating at idle. But they did feel smooth while driving. I may give them another shot, or maybe try using one solid mount and one rubber? I really wanted to try the Mckinney Poly mounts, But Those are NLA So I Hope this helps anyone looking to solve or improve their Z's drive quality. And If anyone has any tips or advice, please share! would love to hear feedback, Ideas or things you have tried as well. UPDATE: I installed and ram the urethane filled mount. It was a disappointment for what I was trying to achieve. There was to harsh of vibration coming into the car from it. Its not so bad while driving the car once your going 25mph+. But at low speed, especially starting out in first gear, it vibrates a good amount throughout the bell housing. It felt a little like there was a mild missfire on a cylinder. Maybe if I had dynomat installed it could have helped out, but it its a fairly harsh vibration. Its did improve the throttle response on acceleration though. I could really tell when stepping on the gas in 3rd gear.
  4. stravi757

    AZC Rear Brake bracket - front 280z rotor centers

    I may have to look into a different companys rear package to use the willwood E-brake caliper on the rear it looks like. thanks for sharing this. So AZC has made two styles of caliper brackets. The first version was using AZC's self made E-brake calipers(which you say they never produced the caliper itself). The Second version caliper bracket AZC claims to have uses a willwood E-brake. AZC sold me the rear willwood E-brake calipers but said they did not have the Brackets to use them in stock yet. I called AZC a couple times and they keep saying the will be in stock shortly but they still havent got them.
  5. Arizonazcar doesn't have the rear caliper bracket which includes the parking brake caliper in stock. If anyone has it for sale let me know. I am also interested in either buying or possibly trading for 280z front rotor centers. Mine are for a 240z. NOTE: AZC has made two types of rear caliper brackets. need the second version which uses the Willwood style parking brake caliper.
  6. stravi757

    1971 240z Brake Switch Wiring

    nice, small victory monday!
  7. stravi757

    1971 240z Brake Switch Wiring

    Both brake wires should be looming right by the brake light switch. If the wires arent in sight, Maybe you might want to take the dash out, who knows what other mysteries could be under there! Have a wiring diagram?
  8. IMO Id keep my brakes stock, or go willwood setup. I don't see much value going the Toyota caliper route.
  9. stravi757

    WTB SU Carbs working

    still looking
  10. stravi757

    WTB SU Carbs working

    still looking. anyone have a set of z therapy for sale?
  11. stravi757

    WTB SU Carbs working

    looking for a pair of good condition working SU's or newly rebuilt. 925-487-9302 text
  12. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/6207102303.html Please text or call with interests
  13. stravi757

    Voltage Drop issue HELP!

    Thanks for the response, Im going to continue to watch videos on tracking down short circuits, up my electrical knowledge! See If i can give some better descriptions to solve this.
  14. stravi757

    Voltage Drop issue HELP!

    Thanks for the shared link, I watched a couple of that guys videos and another video On "voltage drop" After watching the videos which were informative, including the one on "voltage drop" I still am not finding anyone describing the voltage reading I am getting on my multimeter. Yea Im not proud of my parts replacement strategy, I know its not the proper way. But I do have spares of every part laying around, so I just gave it a shot. I really need to work at better describing the problem forsure. Its honestly been a while since I have been on forums, I am pretty rusty at describing in words what My problem has been. Ive done so many things, I guess I am struggling when I write, where to even start. So thanks for letting me know what errors Im posts descriptions. To answer the statement you left me to ponder above. The alternator has not quit charging(although two have died). I have a old spare one in the car right now i just threw on. The battery reads 14.4V when running. But the voltage starts jumping all over the place. So the voltage will jump from 14.4 to 8v, It will go back to 14.4 then 10.7. It will just keep doing this and get worse the longer I run the engine, until the engine eventually dies. When I disconnect the alternator, the battery reading goes to 12.6. The voltage will continue to jump as described above I will make a video to show what i am trying to describe.