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  1. Recommended Seibon Hood Seller

    Noting that this thread is over a year old, do any of you know a dealer, distributor, reputable Z fanatic in the Chicago area? Or one who ships to the Chicago area. I live in the suburbs of Chicago (Plainfield to be exact) and have had quite a bit of trouble finding one. My biggest worry is I'm gonna end up spending way too much on a hood for it to be shipped cross country and someone is gonna run off with my money via a paypal scam. Thanks for the help! If this is considered thread jacking or isn't allowed feel free to delete just give me a heads up
  2. Manual transmission options

    sorry to kinda thread jack but I'm swapping an LS2 out of a trailblazer into my '74 260z what kind of power is your motor making I thought NV3500s were only rated for like 325 ft/lb max and the 6.0 puts out 350 ft/lb (or so I've been told) I would honestly rather run the nv3500 but I'm worried about it being destroyed after a week of driving
  3. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Hey Phantom any chance you have some pictures of the install? I would love to see how he ran that. I was planning to do mine the same way Thanks!
  4. Well I'm gonna order the wheels probably tomorrow night Black Chromium with a Machined Lip 16"x8" and with a 0 offset I'm really hoping to be able to run 245 on the rears any tire suggestions would be awesome for street use
  5. AS the title states… I'm trying to figure out what size wheel and tire I can fit on my 1974 260z with STOCK suspension. Before I posted this I searched thread after thread and have only been able to find fitment clearances post suspension upgrades whether it be coil overs or different springs. I have quite a bit of work to do on my Z, however I feel like it deserves a little something something for now so I was looking at purchasing some 16x8 XXR 531 wheels(zero offset). I know they're not the best quality but I can't stand the Iron Cross wheels that my car is sitting on. So I was wondering 1.) Is it possible to run 16x8s on all 4 corners without issues? I've heard mixed answers both yes and no 2.) How wide of a tire would I be able to fit in the rear and front without any issue? 3.) Could I fit 245 or larger in the rear? Seriously thank you guys for any help As to why I chose the 531s….. I really like the look of CCW classics….CCW Classics are super expensive…..XXRs are incredibly cheap as we speak these ones are on sale. I could pick up the entire set for $460 shipped $380 if I liked gold lol. Plus I'll have a little more clearance for bigger brakes and such plus it will at least make it look a bit better. I'm planning some mild power figures but not for quite a while so once I go bigger I'll get higher quality wheels
  6. Tire width

    Is this on stock suspension? Any rubbing or clearance issues? I'm trying to run 16x8s(0offset) on my 260z but didn't think I could fit 245s
  7. I think you're spot on about that. It's the having the money part that would be nice. Maybe in the future I can change it over the prices on some of those kits were ehhh….frightening to say the least but thank you for the suggestion. I'll keep those kits in my wish list (:
  8. Wow. I love this forum. You guys are all incredibly helpful. I'm glad to know I can use the same mounting method and the majority of the LF guide. That was the majority of my worrying. Since I'm doing this on an extremely tight budget (of course). My second biggest concern is the clearance issue. I don't wanna lose that aggressive hood hump. It's one of my favorite body lines. I keep hearing about lowering the motor further into the bay. So I'm gonna look into that as well. Would it be easier to achieve clearance with an EFI setup? If so which route should I go?
  9. This has probably been touched upon in another post but I have been searching for hours and can't find anything. I just picked up a donor fox body with a 5.8L 351W in it mated to a WC T5. I originally wanted to do just a 5.0 out of a fox but the price was too good to pass up on this car. Has anyone used the Laine Family Write up to do this swap? Does the engine cradle work for it as well as the mounting positions? :bang head: Sorry if this is asking a lot my fabrication skill and tool selection is not exactly what I would like it to be for this project so any help would be greatly appreciated I imagine the driveshaft length should be about the same correct me if I'm wrong but yeah even if you guys just link a thread that has the info I'm just a helpless newbie so I'd be very greatful P.S. I plan on boosting this 351w eventually just to change it up a bit even more for the sbf Z-world
  10. Brian Laine's engine cradle design

    I've been looking around quite a bit and was wondering if the Laine cradle and build would work for a 351w? I mean the motors are essentially the same layout correct? just a bigger displacement?
  11. 351z

    Hey I just picked up a 351/WorldClass T5 combo for my 260z how did you mount the motor in the bay? did you go the SBF truck mount route? Or did you custom fab the mounts. EIther way very nice build and I can't wait to see more of it