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  1. L26 engine w/Z parts

    Could not get them to upload earlier. Hopefully you can see them now.
  2. L26 engine w/Z parts

    Engine $200 obo Trans $100 obo Fuel tank $80 obo
  3. L26 engine w/Z parts

    Selling running L26 with 4 speed tranny.Both in good running condition pulled out a week ago for swap. Complete long block L26 has twin downdrafts and a unknown set of headers. 280zx alternator with harness plug. 4 speed tranny with no grinds or popouts. 73 240z fuel tank with no holes or rust has working sending unit. Have pictures and video of everything running and me driving the car around from the day I pulled it all out. Can not upload through my phone for some reason. Can link them to anyone interested. If interested please make a reasonable offer. Located in California 95993. Local pickup preferred as shipping would be a lot.
  4. 240z wheel fitment

    Thank you for the input, I will look in to it.
  5. Hello, just wanted to ask for some help finding new wheels. Currently I am running the Toyota s12w on the front and will be running the mustang brake set up on the rear. (Stock drums on rear as of now) I am running stock style 14 inch mesh wheels and have to run a thin spacer in the front to clear calipers. Once I upgrade to the rear mustang setup I will have to have atleast a 16 inch wheel. What I want to know is what wheel/tire dimensions I need to get. I do NOT want to run the spacers in the front anymore. Looking for wheels to clear front calipers with no spacer, be atleast 16 inch wheels and fit under my stock fenders. Am interested in Watanabe style Rota's for now. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. -Uri
  6. FS New MSA Fusebox

  7. In cabin wiring harness from firewall to taillights. Removed from running AUTOMATIC 280z (not sure the year). Has ~3 wires cut. Seat belt wire, rear window defrost wire, and i believe the speaker wires. Other than that its all there. Has numbers 24023-N4700[3] and 24019-N4800[9] labeled. Harness is fairly dusty, suggest wash/clean. also have a fiberglass front spoiler that is in pretty good condition has 2 small cracks and one mounting hole is ripped. it is primered. Passenger Quarter window interior plastic panel, has one small crack and a small corner peice is broken off. Wire harness $200 obo shipped Front spoiler $80 plus shipping Quarter plastic $40 shipped Shipping from 95993. Please contact if interested. Thank you.
  8. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Yeeeeeesssss!! Another chance! Stay strong, brother. Very interested.
  9. FS New MSA Fusebox

    Selling brand NEW MSA short pigtail fusebox. From California 95993. Flat out $170 shipping included. Bought for my '73 Z. Short pigtail ~5 inch. DM MD for info if interested. Bought it last week, but changed plans. Going to rewire entire car with painless kit. Thanks
  10. 240z new clutch problem

    Yes, pivot ball was exactly the same. Old one just had some wear marks on it. When the clutch was installed and in the car. I had to put in a much longer pushrod to even get the car into gear, but by doing that the TO bearing must be right up against the pressure plate and then it would get burnt out.
  11. 240z new clutch problem

    My friend told me that I might have done that but when I pulled it all back out it was in the correct way.
  12. 240z new clutch problem

    Yeah, it is strange. The old system worked fine except I had a leaking master and then the old disc broke a Marcel. But other than that the slave had a homemade push rod(bolt with head ground off).
  13. 240z new clutch problem

    Old clutch does not meet your specification. While the new one does meet your specification, it did not disengage when installed.
  14. 240z new clutch problem

    I have the pressure plate bolted to the flywheel and the assembly is up side down.
  15. 240z new clutch problem

    So I got the measurements for both the old and new clutches and collars. I measured from outside flywheel(crank mounting surface) to outside of pressure plate fingers(TO Bearing side). Then I measured the TO bearing face to opposing collar flange. On the OLD clutch and collar totaled to just over 93 mm. The NEW clutch and collar totaled to about 103.5 mm. I am not sure if that is how I am supposed to measure it but those are the measurements I got.