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  1. 280zx full build n/a to turbo l28 questions

    Some of the parts are installed but the block,head,rods,everthing is at mechine shop in salinas ca, getting work done
  2. 280zx full build n/a to turbo l28 questions

    Thanks for info an the trans is the stock one came with car not sure how to id it an im buying a lsd diff because i have a r200 housing. I am also welding braces an new passager floor an rail. Would like to know if the is an easier way to fix my three ed gear because it grinds only if u rev up passed 3800
  3. 280zx full build n/a to turbo l28 questions

  4. 280zx full build n/a to turbo l28 questions

    Thanks to all if you guys want the six puck clutch vid is on u tube nothing special. Also install vids the block is at Midway mechine shop in salinas ca re decked honed cleaned magna fluxed new cam 268 and polished crank . Dose anyone have a used mega sqirt i can buy for this kind of biuld . Or what version of mega sqirt do i buy.i have a laptop too.
  5. Hi I have a 1979 280zx 2+2 The question is what parts do i need to turbo its now N/a Things I have done: Six puck race clutch Ported intake manifold Custom wizco forged pistons Kinetics head gasket 2X welbo fuel pump Max speeding rods froged H beams 1000cc injectors hive o motorsports I plan on hoping someone here can point me in the right way because i at the stage were ecu choice Or any other parts list.