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  1. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Making Progress, Had the fuel take clean, will be going to my fabricator for installation of a intake sump. Rear has new bushings in it and installed. Found a set of headlight covers on a facebook group Stated on the wiring of the car. Plan is to have the car running by the 18th of this month . . . . so 9 days
  2. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Front suspension installed, undercoating removed, rear end removed for refresh and undercoating access, transmission and exhaust installed. several parts getting powder coated will have back mid next week. Will work on running fuel hardline and wiring.
  3. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Finally in the garage for the "rough" assembly. Will be putting the car together of the next few weeks to get it ready for the dyno day in mid/late August. After tune, body work and interior, and re-powdercoat. Going with a different color.
  4. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Parts back from being coated. Picked up some wheels for this project, installed the motor. Very productive weekend.
  5. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Before and after Color sanding and buffing:
  6. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Shot 1 coat of clear yesterday.
  7. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Parts off to be Anodized, Zinc'd or powder coated, also dropped the steering rack off to be rebuilt. @ Koshin thanks @260det If I dont like my current turbo ill look in to that GTX
  8. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Whats the Turbo Lag like? I looking for a quick spooling setup
  9. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Another Update: Soda blasted the engine bay and got 2 coats of basecoat and another 2 to go before the clear goes on. On the to do list: Rebuild steering rack Firewall bulkhead for heater core and AC Powder coat/Zinc/Anodize Metal parts ( IC piping/crossmember/all suspension parts/ exhaust) Custom Radiator support made and welded in Fuel tank ( from a fuel injected Z) Fuel lines ran Modify new 300zx efi harness Main goal is to get everything ready as i have my tuner coming out on 6/13/15 to tune my other z and would like to have this one up and running to get tuned too. I will focus on the exterior and interior after the tuning is complete.
  10. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Intake manifold S13 diff with Nismo lsd 3" exhaust with hi-flow cat tapered down to 2.5" to a HKS Sport muffler
  11. 1972 240z VG30DET

    My guy is back in town and was back to working on my car. Got the thurbo manifold complet, and now he is working on the fuel rail and intake manifold.
  12. Yoak - 240z

    Very nice, love the progress
  13. Great job, looking forward to the rear diff mounting
  14. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Some progress has been made. Motor motors with urethane have been made, transmission mount has been prototyped ( This along with a few other pieces will be made out of billet aluminum), shifter bracket done, OIl cooler bracket made, ic done. The turbo just got in yesterday ( Borg Warner Airwerks S200SX-51 aka s251), T4 twinscroll flange, the fuel rail stock came in as well. Next will be the exhaust manifold, then exhaust. That should be done in 2 weeks . . . talk about the rest as it is happening
  15. 1972 240z VG30DET

    Recently aquired a 1972 240z with 108,112 miles. Having an new extra vg short block laying around and a set of cima heads and manifolds, I decided to swap the vg into a s30. Not sure on what turbo I will run, but im looking into compturbo 6262, or a borgwarner s200. Looking for around 550-600hp. Heres my list so far: Stock motor with ported cima heads and jwt springs relocate position of turbo from driver to pass. side (not enough room to keep on driver side) aeromotive fpr walbro 485 pump -6 feed and return line id1000 injectors compturbo or borgwarner turbo custom top feed fuel rail turbosmart wastegate boost controller R32 gtr front brakes calipers with custom bracket (I will be running 16" so I will try to fit the largest rotor in them. custom intake manifold with q45 throttle body had a pair of ARC z32 intercoolers laying around that I will have modified to a single. z32 brake booster, master cylinder and possibly pedal z32 clutch master and possibly pedal possibly z32 diff installed and thats where im at now. The paint on the car will be redone. I purchased a new center console, new seals from black dragon and a bre rear spoiler. The respray will be porsche's carrera white