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  1. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Finally starting to ponder getting the parts together to build my setup too. Bummer about the springs! Where are folks finding diffs? Going to hunt down the PDF of parts and start checking them off
  2. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    I'm interested, haven't checked in lately - gah! You need a set of "F150 Front CV Axle 97-03" from each of us interested - correct? I need to just PM you my damn phone number so you can text me I'm so bad about getintg back to you
  3. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Checking in, I was the one who lent the Cobra pieces and adapter to fit Cobra brakes with the stock setup. So is a setup with Cobra brakes a go? I never heard back from you and I'm obviously interested enough to have sent you parts. Please get in touch, I'm definitely interested in getting a package together for my car as the rear end is what's holding up my 2JZ swap - well that and a million other projects plus my lack of time <sigh>
  4. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    One of the issues with the stock Datsun stuff is the friction weld IMO. They also neck down and have some other weaknesses, they always made me nervous which is why I bought better stuff when I thought I was going to use it. Gear selection is primarily what is driving me to look at the 8.8 more closely and thus sell my stub axles - I'd use them if I could though! Make me an offer Will, any luck with the caliper and rotor?
  5. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    If it's stub axles anyone needs I have the 31spline cro-mo stuff for the R230 I'm selling. Brand new!
  6. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    I'm willing to send caliper, rotor, and any mounting hardware I have. I will point out that since this caliper uses the main pads for it's parking function that this rotor need not be used and I'm more than willing to go with a Coleman or other rotor. One quirk with this setup - the calipers apparently have to be mounted on swapped sides to work properly with the parking brake cable - this puts the bleeder at the bottom. Not optimal but apparently this is how it's supposed to go. I'll shoot you a PM, hopefully I'm not the only one interested!
  7. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Psssst! Cobra brake mounts pretty please? Custom hats I can deal with and Coleman rotors etc. but really want the ability to mount a caliper with a parking brake
  8. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Any chance the Cobra rotor and caliper can be made to fit? Pretty please?
  9. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Watching this with interest!
  10. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    A Mustang hub might allow for OEM Mustang brakes or perhaps allow you to skip the turning down of the rotor hat maybe? I would assume since Mustangs come with an 8.8 that a Mustang hub would handle a Mustang axle. Length might be an issue and maybe you would end up with a custom axle, and I understand your avoiding that, but at least it wouldn't be an oddball request for DSS or another shop to build a beefy "Mustang" axle at a custom length. Still trying some to piece this together in my head - appreciate you sharing details and explaining your decisions!
  11. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    Well, my last post was my hope that some way could be found to use the Cobra brake kit I have since it has a parking brake. Calipers are flipped side to side so the bleed is upside down but otherwise it's all OEM stuff and apparently uses the Datsun cables. Wilwood is nice and all but parking brakes are important. Their spot calipers, the mechanical ones, aren't something I'd trust after having tried to use them. I can more easily accept not using my stub axles whgich are the 36spline cro-mo stuff. All of this is in a box and selling the stubs isn't that big a deal but the brakes... - I want a parking brake <shrug>
  12. I'm interested! PM me Paypal details etc. plz
  13. Huge Datsun parts collection for sale

    I too could use a set of 300ZXTT shafts. I'm also looking for the black plastic that goes around the steering column for a 1972 240Z - this is the plastic trim around the ignition lock etc. Shoot me a PM if you can accommodate please.
  14. Wanted: Front crossmember 240Z (72)

    Okay, I did indeed find one but thank you to those who responded! $25 and a few bucks for shipping couldn't be beat (or passed up) for something I'm going to be cutting the motor mounts off of and coating.
  15. Wanted: Front crossmember 240Z (72)

    I might have found one a bit cheaper but let me see if this falls through first since it's closer - fingers crossed! Otherwise I'll be calling, shaved mounts is a plus!