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  1. Villeman

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    DAMN! no chance or getting them shipped prior i guess?
  2. Villeman

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    Hey, can you sell me the center console harness? Its 30cm and running from the right footwell under the center console. You can actually see it on your pictures That + hazard switch also, price for the radio? And do you have the jack kit? (this way it makes sense to ship)
  3. Villeman

    76 280z parts - hatch, trans, heater core, etc

    Do you have a center console harness? Its the 30cm long subharness with 2 black plugs on one side
  4. Hey folks, I have (for now) chosen black 240z style bumpers and I am wondering it chrome bumper guards would be a) quite nice looking contrast b) horrible ? so did anybody try this combo?
  5. Villeman

    center console harness 280z

    Hey, does anybody have a spare 75-76 280z center console harness? Its the one with the 3x3 hazard switch plug and the black radio connector. Don´t want to butcher my one since somehow a 77-78 got in there which is in far too good condition to modify. Its the one from the two black plugs (C10 and C11) to the radio, hazard etc. Like this one, only with the 3x3 connector. thanks
  6. Villeman

    75-76 Hazard switch

    Yes, the 3x3 one! Do you also have the small piece of harness running from the 2 black plugs (C10 and C11) to the hazard switch? would buy both switch and cable
  7. hmmmm, i thought thats what the 6-1 header in my garage was for can´t wait to drive it, just need to figure out the turn signal and then I am ready to go ! Would really like to swing by for a beer, just need fitting floaters for my whale
  8. ITS ALIVE first test drive was a success, until the front tire blwe up..... our shop found a piece or their tire-mounting machine inside . The last thing to settle is a center console harness. If anybody can spare a 75-76 model 280z center console harness I would be happy. There is a 77-78 one inside and its far too good condition to butcher it. Looking good thought ! Car is now conserved with fluid film and will recieve a dose of Mike sanders (a fat/wax mix polular over here) to keep it from rotting away.
  9. Villeman

    75-76 Hazard switch

    Hey you all, for some strange reason my 12/75 has a 77 year hazard switch + plug! Spend 2 days cleaning everything only to figue out one has a 3x3 plug the other a 2x4. Only that my harness has a 2x4 plug as well! So I need a new switch+maybe a 3x3 harness side plug cheers Richard
  10. Lets hope my driving skill never makes it look like that again. Still some things to settle, but it started on the first crank after a complete engine +everything else overhaul, so it clearly finally wants to DRIVE !. Brakes, turn indicators, tach. Thats all on my list. Daniel, you really picked a stunningly good car! Million thanks
  11. Nope, the position is pretty much fixed. I will test it once I am home again and then decide what to do.
  12. Still undecided about the Hella 4004 mirror. I an quite tall so i hope to sit far enough in the back for it to not be a problem...
  13. Villeman


    ^^ could be, yes, only a Link in description ^^
  14. Villeman


    Welcome! Seems like all the other over in the States are sound asleep ^^ . What car do you have?