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  1. Yes, you'll have it all except the crossmember (you will need to modify the one from your 240) and you may or may not need to change the length of the driveshaft. I just put a T-5 in mine. It was a very smooth swap, and I didn't even have a donor car, I just had the transmission. I had to get a new driveshaft made and modify the crossmember, adjust the hole in the tunnel for the shifter with some tin snips, and that was it. It went right in. Sounds like a great find. Take the transmission and related parts and part out the rest of the car here or on Ebay and you should make money on this swap! Good luck!
  2. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    I pressed the bolts out of a set of side axles from an OE diff, and they were a loose fit in my new axles. However, I torqued them down really well and used Loctite, and the flanges on the halfshafts seated perfectly snug on the new side axles, so I'm not too worried. The bolts only provide clamping force. Lateral loads are handled by the machined lip on the side axles and friction at the interface. I just had to use some tape to hold the bolts in while I hammered them into the case. After that, there's not enough clearance for them to fall out.
  3. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    I got mine on Thursday as well. My new diff is all set up and ready to go in the car. Hoping I can pull it off Sunday.
  4. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    Dude, he got an explanation, an apology, and a free Coke from the Postmaster. That's service at a level head and shoulders above most retail outlets.
  5. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    Looks like a drill press to me.
  6. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    We still on track for this week? Thanks! Andrew
  7. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    Indeed, I'm getting hopeful I'll have it in for our first event, too.
  8. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    Sweet. That looks like slightly more than 20 sets. I hope it is, because I'm 23 on the list, I think.
  9. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    Spectacular! Thanks for the update!
  10. Turbo6inKY

    Subaru WXR Sti R180 Side Axles (Part Five)

    I scored one on Ebay. $500 shipped, it showed up today. Popped the cover and it's a 3.90 clutch type. Now I have my fingers crossed that a couple people in the list flake out, as I'm at the bottom right now...
  11. I attempted MAPdot for about fifteen minutes one day, and went right back to TPSdot. It was doing what yours is doing. It's just erratic. It probably didn't help that I had big ignition problems that were causing misfires and a wild vacuum signal.
  12. Turbo6inKY

    ARP head stud torque specs

    Shouldn't there be an attachment here? Can't find a scan of this spec sheet anywhere. If somebody has one, post it back up!
  13. Turbo6inKY

    big brake kits 240z 260z 280z

    Maybe. The clearance problem with this swap is the calipers. They're a lot bigger than the stockers.
  14. Turbo6inKY

    Motorsport Auto

    Isky makes Nissan Motorsport's cams (L7, L9, etc), and will do custom grinds as well as regrind a cam you send them. Buying the cam directly from Isky is $60 cheaper for the exact same cam as buying through Courtesy, too. I had an MSA/Schneider. Dowel pin that locates the cam gear came loose and I crushed all twelve valves. The following lack of any kind of attention from MSA regarding the issue left a rather bad taste in my mouth. There's an Erson cam for sale on Summit for the L6, don't buy it. The lift is so large the lobes are bigger than the bearing journals. It's literally impossible to install.