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  1. Vg30eT-240z

    My bad dog frame rail story.

    Looks like really good work bro. Need to do this along with floor pans on my car soon. Keep it up.
  2. Vg30eT-240z

    New From Pheonix

    Sounds like a good project. Im in Tolleson, Arizona working on my 260Z. You should PM me sometime, we have a somewhat "crew" of Z31's already and im the only S30 if you wanna come hang out with us, or roll to a meet.
  3. if u still have the l26 available email me at [email protected]

  4. Vg30eT-240z

    280ZX Coilovers

    Would you be able to make some for a Z31 300zx??
  5. Whats a resonable offer on the pans? Are the flat or do the have th channels like the originals. Would like to see some pics.

  6. Vg30eT-240z

    73 240z bushing kit, floor pans, SU carbs and more

    I was wondering what the lowest is you can go on the floor pans and frame rails. I can have them made by a friend buy i prefer to see what i can get them for first. PM me back the lowest price you can go on them.. Thanks. -Omar..
  7. Vg30eT-240z

    86 300zx turbo part out!

    Oil Cooler? If it has it let me know cause i want it..
  8. Vg30eT-240z

    Z31 VG30ET into an S30 project outline

    I was thinking about it, cause that was my original plan and I already have the turbo manifold. My bro is gonna upgrade his t3 to a t3/t4 60 trim .63 ar, so if i really want to, i can just rebuild it and have a twin charged car. But that is gonna be WAY too much for me! Im only fifteen and my first car is already gonna be BOOSTED! So im just planning on doing the supercharger for now.. But you never know, sooner or later I know im jus gonna go twin charged. Though another reason im going to go VG30ER is because how common is it that you see one? Especially in a "74 260Z? -Omar..
  9. Vg30eT-240z

    Z31 VG30ET into an S30 project outline

    Im asking that because im pretty sure all vgs have the same mounts, as my brother has one. At the time that I did my signature i was planning on doing a turbo motor, but a buddy of mine sold me the things i need to supercharge it for only $100.
  10. Vg30eT-240z

    Z31 VG30ET into an S30 project outline

    What type of motor mounts did both of you use to do the swap? My swap will be right about the same as both of yours but it will not be a VG30ET, i will be doing a supercharged motor in my engine, which means i will not have the itake plenum on the car. So will there be any differences with the motor mounts that will need to be done? Thx. -Omar..
  11. Vg30eT-240z

    Post a picture of your car and paint code

    Where would you find that carbon fiber hood?
  12. Vg30eT-240z

    VG30ET vs. L28ET

    Idk about u all u guys with ur l28ets but i for one say the v30et makes GOOD power.. and a lot easier than the l series motors. Not only that but u can find th vg30 in just about any junkyard you go to. Im plannin on starting to build and rebuild by vg30et to make at least 300hp. In order to do that you need to really look into these motors and see what their capable of. The fastest street legal 300zx z31, with that much more wieght than our cars ran a 9.32. Which just proves my point.
  13. Vg30eT-240z

    280Z restoration

    Looks nice! Will wait for more pics..
  14. Vg30eT-240z

    My NEW Z Project.

    Sorry I have not posted anymore. I have been to busy with school and other stuff . About to start taking out the motor from the car. Will post pics during progress and will keep everybody updated.
  15. Vg30eT-240z

    My NEW Z Project.

    thx bro.. I just saw ur thread too, that is a GREAT find. Super clean. Hoping to see more pics of urs soon.