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  1. streetrat18201

    Project Rex Killer, 240z LS3

    Man this thing is ridiculous, can't wait to see it in person
  2. streetrat18201

    Project Rex Killer, 240z LS3

    Man this car is great. I hope to see it at some of the events this year. Maybe we'll get to run at one!
  3. streetrat18201

    The Beer Can

  4. streetrat18201

    "Project Beer Can" turbo lsx 280z

    77/88 gt45r eBay lol
  5. So I started this project back in October but I figured it's time throw it out there and see what everyone has to say. 1975 280z turbo lsx th400 8.8 swap. Found this beauty in a car port coupe miles away Taking her home Didn't hesitate to start pulling her apart Motor out Jci mounts came in Start on the energy bushings First mock up, can't wait till it's for real Stated pulling the motor apart for new bearings and new guts All the go fast toys are starting to stack up, better start putting them on Gutted bay, ready for clean up Well I won't be needing this anymore In with the new Motor finally coming back together with some new goodies Billet rails turned out great Finally back in, time to start the fun part Poor man's tacking skills Well that escalated quickly Just a little street car. Hey it fits! More to follow soon, gonna be gone for about a month, but I'll be full throttle as soon as I return.
  6. streetrat18201

    LS1 Car Club! Post yours!

    75 280z Jci motor/trans mounts Stock 04 5.3 iron block 08 pistons and rods 08 crank 243 heads (mild work) Arp rod bolts/head studs Comp cam (big) Flipped truck manifolds V band everything Gt45r turbo Ls1 intake truck throttle body dbc F body accessories/just crank, alternator water pump Champion 3 row radiator 2 Spal 12" pullers Billet fuel rail 80# injectors Th400 Trans brake, rmvb Hurst quarter stick shifter Shortened 01 mustang GT 8.8 rear 15 gal fuel cell A1000 pump -8 feed/return fuel line Magnafuel regulator Energy bushings Lots more, just can't think of it right now
  7. streetrat18201

    Day 1

    Here's the start of another ls datsun