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  1. Oil Filter Pressure Relief Valve Plugged?

    Many oil filters have a bypass built in. Not all, so determining whether yours does or not falls to you. The factory L28et oil cooler has a bypass built in. I believe the block bypass is plugged in these applications, but I'm not absolutely sure. Perhaps this is what you have?
  2. Received mine as well. Thanks brother!
  3. miscellaneous

    Anything that doesn't fall into another category.
  4. Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I would try to adapt 280z seat belt covers along with some butyl tape and vapor barrier sheet (the stuff inside modern car doors)?
  5. I've got a 2011 Subaru STi. It is superior to the Z in almost every measurable way. It can haul a fair amount of junk, two kids fit comfortably in the back it's reliable, out handles the Z, is faster both in acceleration and top speed, it has air conditioning and zero fume issues. Guess which car I'd rather drive? Guess which one the kids always want to be driven around in? It may not be driven around much, but I look at the Z every day and wouldn't want to see the garage without it.
  6. 1x Hoodie, Medium, Heather Gray, 79925.
  7. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Thank you Dan, and all the other admins!
  8. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I agree with the trimming of deadweight topics. Employing members to nominate threads for deletion by simply posting a specific key-phrase would allow admins to pinpoint nominated threads quickly, review and delete if deemed appropriate. No additional programming needed, just search for the key-phrase. I also agree with the donation counter. I try and donate annually, but seeing a date looming closer and closer would very likely encourage anyone on the fence to donate. I like the idea of number 4, but I've seen it get get ugly when a vender doesn't like a post speaking ill of them. Imagine Senza Pari or California Datsun being a donating vendor...
  9. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Derek, I will take you up on that. 240z here. Dan, donation will hit shortly.
  10. Texans, help me out.

    All that is currently required for registration is the safety inspection and even that will be getting phased out next year. I've got straight through setup on my Z and a cat delete + cutout on my STi. Ive never had any issues getting them inspected. Z will eventually be getting an L28ET with a cutout shooting through the fender. I doubt I'll have issues even with that.
  11. Finned Cover for Long-Nose R200

    I might have one for you. I gave it to a friend who was planning an r200 conversion, but he decided to use a Subaru R180. I'll see if he has any plans for it. It has been modified with an outlet for an oil cooler and two bungs for sensors (gauge and pump switch). Not sure if this is overkill for your application.
  12. Throttle Position Sensor

    I don't recall which year/generation I bought mine from. When in doubt I usually just go for the newest possible option (98' S14 in thus case), and keep the receipt...
  13. Making me some custom EGR delete plates.

    Do you do your own anodizing? I've been trying to find an affordable option for a few small billet parts I own, but so far nobody wants to deal with small orders... Plate looks good by the way!
  14. Throttle Position Sensor

    The 240sx TPS does fit the TWM shaft, but the two bolts/screws are placed closer than the standard switch. Plenty of meat to drill and tap.