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  1. LanceVance

    Drilled for cooling

    S30kid. He's on HybridZ, but doesn't seem terribly active. He's got a VQ in his Z now, but you might PM here or on Instagram to see if he has any observations to share from his time with the L.
  2. LanceVance

    LD28 parts wanted in NZ

    Majority of members of HybridZ are going to be in the US, but NZ seems to have a good supply of LD motors/parts on TradeMe. I've actually bought parts from NZ that I had no luck finding in the states...
  3. LanceVance

    280Z 1981-1983 EGR TUBE

    Might have one on the spare engine, I'll check it's condition tomorrow.
  4. LanceVance

    WTB CAM core

    I've got a spare L28 that I can crack open for you this weekend. Should be in good shape, was running a few months ago.
  5. LanceVance

    Back in the Datsun business!

    Welcome back! Lots of traffic has moved to Facebook groups, particularly the buying/selling parts aspect. The forum is better off, lots of toolshed content is being caught up there, and once people get here they've already done some reading. Photobucket also broke a lot of build logs... that didn't help.
  6. LanceVance

    Looking For S30 Whale Tail

    Not sure if he still has it, but I forwarded your contact info to a guy who had one for sale locally. Good luck with the search.
  7. LanceVance

    Oil Filter Pressure Relief Valve Plugged?

    Many oil filters have a bypass built in. Not all, so determining whether yours does or not falls to you. The factory L28et oil cooler has a bypass built in. I believe the block bypass is plugged in these applications, but I'm not absolutely sure. Perhaps this is what you have?
  8. Received mine as well. Thanks brother!
  9. LanceVance


    Anything that doesn't fall into another category.
  10. LanceVance

    Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I would try to adapt 280z seat belt covers along with some butyl tape and vapor barrier sheet (the stuff inside modern car doors)?
  11. I've got a 2011 Subaru STi. It is superior to the Z in almost every measurable way. It can haul a fair amount of junk, two kids fit comfortably in the back it's reliable, out handles the Z, is faster both in acceleration and top speed, it has air conditioning and zero fume issues. Guess which car I'd rather drive? Guess which one the kids always want to be driven around in? It may not be driven around much, but I look at the Z every day and wouldn't want to see the garage without it.
  12. 1x Hoodie, Medium, Heather Gray, 79925.
  13. LanceVance

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Thank you Dan, and all the other admins!
  14. LanceVance

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I agree with the trimming of deadweight topics. Employing members to nominate threads for deletion by simply posting a specific key-phrase would allow admins to pinpoint nominated threads quickly, review and delete if deemed appropriate. No additional programming needed, just search for the key-phrase. I also agree with the donation counter. I try and donate annually, but seeing a date looming closer and closer would very likely encourage anyone on the fence to donate. I like the idea of number 4, but I've seen it get get ugly when a vender doesn't like a post speaking ill of them. Imagine Senza Pari or California Datsun being a donating vendor...