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  1. armorer

    ford 8.8" solid axle swap

    How's the ride and first impressions?
  2. armorer

    ford 8.8" solid axle swap

    You'll want to lower that upper panhard bar mount until the bar is parallel to the axle at ride height
  3. armorer

    WTB 240z with VQ/RB/JZ swap, cash waiting.

    I have a clean 2 owner 73 240Z with the engine removed, otherwise complete VGC.
  4. Are your bumpers aftermarket or reworked stock pieces?
  5. armorer

    Solid axle Ls Z

    What front hubs are you using?
  6. Did you narrow the axle any?
  7. Please post some pics of your solid axle swap!!!! What was the axle out of?
  8. I will be starting on my 73 swap soon and have planned on an LS1 from the beginning, but now I have a dilemma. My good friends wife has decided one of his projects must go. So he offered me his 97 LT1 6 speed Firebird that he just had the engine built in by a very reputable shop for 2900! He has that much in the engine alone. So what say you take this deal or get the LS1?
  9. I need a set for my next build, will these be sold only with the headpipes as a set?