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  1. Looks like magma orange. That is the same color i want to use.
  2. neotech84

    Tokico Illumina 280z Stuff

    If you do end up with an extra space let me know! Otherwise I will be fabing my own.
  3. neotech84

    Project 71 SR-240Z

    Most people here are huge lurkers. Lots of things to read but we only post out of necesity. Now onto the real point.... Great job!
  4. neotech84

    Car was just painted.......

    I love an orange Z. I want to get a solid magma orange and this looks good!
  5. neotech84

    so there i was..

    (Back on topic......) PICS!!!! The story is great but WORTHLESS without pictures! Welcome to the club. I suggest a good amount of reading and re-reading before jumping to conclusions on an easy fix. Not sure how much experience you have with these old jap cars, but they can have attitudes.
  6. neotech84

    The three word, never ending, story.

    A bouncer named
  7. neotech84

    Lets see your grill!

    I woulddo the mustang grill if i didn't have a perfect one all ready. There was a thread on here about a guy that used the stock one. He had fog lights mounted and didn't have to move them!!!
  8. neotech84

    Orange Z's!!!

    I heart orange Z's........ Just saying. There are some AMAZING cars here! Great job to EVERYONE!
  9. neotech84

    Garage Sale

    I just have to say my dealings with Oddmanout84 we VERY smooth. He is an easy going seller.
  10. neotech84

    Garage Sale

    If you split the injectors I will take the fuel rail!!! And down pipe as well. Shipping to 98270.
  11. neotech84

    Registration back fees.

    Can you register in another state???
  12. neotech84

    85-88 Maxima Flat Brake caliper bracket

    These WILL WORK!!! http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/37115-rear-disc-conversion-pics Search.
  13. neotech84

    Maxima Rear Brackets

    They are over 10mm thick. Most people use 1/4 inch sheet to make their own bracket. This jut makes it easy/ gives a good template.
  14. neotech84

    Maxima Rear Brackets

    The 85-88 brackets are sold. I am thinking about doing the machine work on the other brackets (89-94) to ease the sale. A price update will reflect the work done.