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  1. 79 Resto Mod

    Again just alittle more progress. Finished the rust repair on the bottom side. Welded, seam sealed, and undercoated. Also ran the battery cables. Alittle more work on the nose with some body putty. And lastly a photo of the stands that have made this work bearable.
  2. 79 Resto Mod

    Just a little bit of progress. Cutting out and replacing the rot.
  3. 79 Resto Mod

    boosted, not much lately other than more block sanding and some gas filler cap body work. I'll update as soon as I get back on it.
  4. 79 Resto Mod

    Added a little detail if anyone is interested in how to enlarge a wheel well on a 280zx.
  5. 79 Resto Mod

    Thanks for the compliments. I hope to get back on this project soon and finish arching out the rear wheel wells so all the flares can be installed. Flares are the universal Ebay special flares. I'll update again when progress is made.
  6. 79 Resto Mod

    Finally got the car out of the garage and the front flares mounts.
  7. Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    Bump.....As of right now I'm still going to keep the car's drive train together. A lot of the interior left.
  8. Fuel Lab AFPR 25-90 psi

    PM sent
  9. Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    jdm it's badly rusted.
  10. Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    I'm keeping the drive train in tact for now. Lots still left on the car. Don't worry if its just one small little part you need. I'll still package and ship it for a fair price. I'd rather the parts get used than rot away.
  11. 79 Resto Mod

    Thanks Jack! I also found an 81 ZXT engine donor for my 79. I'm planning on doing a fair amount of engine work while it's still in the 81 chassis. Once everything is dialed in I'll make the swap.
  12. Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    Engine is gone. I'm in Suffolk VA I'd like to keep it as close to a rolling chassis as possible right now for the sake of moving it. I'll keep your info though for the lower control arm.
  13. 79 Resto Mod

    Thanks Fric Prepping air dam for fiberglass. Smoothing out the nose. Molding in fuel cell cap. Smoothing out roll pan. Getting s13 coilovers on all four corners.