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  1. So I recently picked up a fairly decent 1980 stocker for around $800 and I must say, I have fallen in love with the old girl. Sure, she is a bit rough around the edges with a super dodgy RHS fender rust repair, a RHS headlight bucket that looks like it was fixed by a monkey and some pretty gnarly hail damage on the bonnet... man is she just a hoot to drive around town! I am first and foremost a 510 guy through and through, but I have always wanted an S30 Z for as long as I can remember, but with my luck they are rarer than chickens teeth over here! So naturally, the next best thing would be a S130 Coupe, but even they are scarce here (I have only ever seen one, and its rusting away in some old ladies yard) so all I really had to buy is an S130 2+2... I will be honest I was never a fan of the 2+2 model, but after the impulse buy of this here old girl, having given her some loving and driving her home on a sweet summers day, I can all but say I am hooked on the Z!! I am definitely looking forward to fixing her up the way she should be to get her looking tip top again. I have a few plans like wheels and tires and naturally a nice exhaust system, but I want to first get all the little odd fixes out the way so that I can enjoy the car without having to worry about things breaking! Cheers for now, Jared
  2. Hi everyone, Name is Jared and I come from South Africa. I recently purchased a 1980 280ZX and am really loving the car so far! I am a diehard Datsun enthusiast and own 6 more Datsuns alongside the ZX! Some of you may sort of know me, as I run the website http://dattosankureiji.wordpress.com. Really looking forward to learning more about these wonderful cars from what seems to be the most knowledgeable group of guys around judging from what I have been reading this past week! Cheers for now, Jared