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  1. Dusty

    L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    I think you should scan the block. A new block with a decent price tag would be a winner for some folks, aluminum even better.
  2. Dusty

    My N42 Flow figures at the moment

    Bore is 88.5mm. Cr is intended to be around 10.5 but head is at welder getting chamber closed up wont really know where it will end up till after its straightened back out and milled flat. Undecided on intended use either hot na or possibly turbo
  3. So been working on porting n42 for my l28 build. Valves are stock size rebello intake valve factory exhaust. Test depression 28" water. Not much material removed from runner mostly bowl, seat, and chamber work. Was just wondering how these compare to anyone that feels like sharing.
  4. Dusty

    L28 head 3D scan, flow, CNC

    So i have been around the performance industry alot when I was in college specifically 2v v8 stuff and worked in a shop that specialized in very fancy heads and still screw around with stuff for my interests. Digitizing, CFD, and CNC are the very last steps in cylinder head development. In my opinion only really relevant to someone interested in production of dozens of heads for repeatabilities sake. If you want to jump in this rabbit hole then research, the flow bench, and a die grinder is where to start.
  5. Laz at Mesabalancing outside Miami has a serdi last time I was in there. Nice guy and works on quite a variety of stuff
  6. Dusty

    rod/stroke ratio

    It's pretty amazing how little ots stocking parts there are for L engines. There are way more obscure engines out their that you have any array of choices for. Now almost any piston you can buy for a Chevy you would have to work at to spend much over $100 a piston unless talking exotic stuff. My Cosworth pistons for my Subaru were less than $200 a piston and they are over the top exotic. I understand economies of scale but certainly should be able to do better than the $1200+ I see advertised.
  7. Dusty

    rod/stroke ratio

    Slightly better than l28 rod not as good as original l24 setup but nothing to get excited about
  8. Dusty

    rod/stroke ratio

    Yes slightly better. Have you calculated what you compression ratio will be?
  9. Dusty

    L31 street performer build

    Keep in mind swapping to a modern forged piston from whoever along with rod if they put any thought into it at all is gonna drop pounds off the reciprocating weight in an L engine like the effect of a lightened flywheel
  10. Nevermind. Im looking at it backwards not used to timing off right side of car
  11. I have the none sfi damper. So the dampers timing marks dont indicate what number the marks actually represent. Best I can find MSA says it has marks to +20 degrees. So that would imply the first mark would be tdc. The distributor shaft lines up good at this mark but when I look at the piston its still coming up the bore and rotating just a scosh or scouche more for dwell i end up at the 15 degree mark. The tang on distrubutor shaft still looks ok I think moving it a tooth would move it alot but i dont know how many teeth the thing has though. I guess the best thing to do would be find peak intake lobe lift of the cam in relation to tdc of the piston and then remark the damper. Thoughts?
  12. Dusty

    Spray bar MIA

    Anyone order one of these lately or know if he is still making them? It looks like the zccjdm guy is out of business who was offering these as well.
  13. Dusty

    KevvinG's 3.0L Stroker Build

    I think they are. He just really screwed up my order. I think my expectations were different although was plenty happy to pay for them. I wanted a ready to assemble kit of parts not to save money, I just like putting engines together. What I got was parts in need of machine work which seemed ridiculous ordering from an engine machine shop. The block was a mess even he admitted. However the custom pistons are pretty nice not super fancy but are definitely modern design with the skinny rings, nice quality JE stuff. The package is way way way lighter than the factory stuff you could assemble so thats good. I feel that when you grind a crank that all the oil ports should have a radius applied if that radius was ground past in the process. I think you should expect the center bearing to have enough clearance to allow the crank to rotate when you sell it, yes I can fix this, but should I have to? I also think if you are an engine/machine shop selling a stroker kit the customer should be able to install the wrist pins into the rod without having to go to another machine shop. Infact if its a kit it should all go together, in the block you bought. It is after all engine building, which is all about overcoming challenges in this case I was prepared to expect things like excessive compression or piston to valve problems, but so much trouble so early has the stuff sitting in a corner at the moment.
  14. Dusty

    KevvinG's 3.0L Stroker Build

    Hope you have good luck with it. I got the same kit from Rebello and ordered a block as well for an extra 1K. Everything was rusting when it arrived. The rods were not fitted to the pins. The crank was not machined correctly and would not turn in the block due to near zero thrust bearing clearance. The crank was not radiused around the oiling holes and not repaired around the rear main seal. The piston is nice and the skinny rings, its JE. Rod are eagle and pretty nice. I found the piston to be well below the deck, check this.... I ordered new rod bearings cause the ones sent by rebello were mashed together in the packaging and wrecked. I won't go into the block.....
  15. Dusty

    Good machine shop

    Looking for a reputable machine shop for head work. Nothing fancy just some experience with these heads. I've talked to a few places that advertise doing datsun headwork but some of the responses are scary. IE no I don't think I need to upgrade the forged factory rods that I already got arp studs in cause I'm asking for a street cam.