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  1. Bo, like I said in the other post. My CX kit was fine for my 6 speed. If JCI works with 4l60 use it. Order form is odd but all in all a good guy. Richard.
  2. Frame connectors are in your future. Nice stuff.
  3. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    Landistitman I can't remember who made them. I will try to find the receipt, I looked once and had no luck. I did it both sides the same sides, which now I have the Z car depot it is a tight fit on the driver side. I agree with you finding off the shelf stuff is a no go. Bo, all CX racing. I have a T56, no idea if the auto would work. The whole kit, Headers, mounts Exhaust all the to the bumper. JCI is a bit weird about payment, once the initial purchase is done, ac mount for me. He was very helpful with the rest of the stuff. Like senders etc.
  4. 8.8 in mine with 3.73 gears and an 04 GTO T56. The problem is each person has basically one experience. It comes down to what you have and what you want, all of our opinions will only get you an average. JMHO LOL Richard.
  5. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    Well, I drove it around yesterday. I appears the vibration is gone. got up to about 70 in the neighborhood. I thought something was wrong, the car didn't accelerate like i remembered or thought it should. Well cold tires cold road and I figured out the problem, Speedo said 50 car acted like 20, wheel spin, a lot of it. No more clunks in the rear, really no issues at all. Very happy with the mount swap. Now on to struts and springs.
  6. I used the John's car conversion kit. In the block of the engine it went, there was a removable plug there, did have to cut a hole in the CX mount for it to clear. With the AC I had not choice, we ran the temp for the computer to the pass side. HTH, Richard.
  7. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    That was just more work than I wanted to do. Huge project. A vendor is working on an 8.8 complete set up coming soon. Richard.
  8. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    Toolman. Cost is a bit fuzzy. To buy the mount from Z car Depot is about 700 by the time it is delivered. We have done a lot of 8.8 stuff so I had the pumpkin and had the gears. I would not use the Lincoln, I would use the recommended explorer. We had the 3.73 gears already and they work well with the T-56. We bought the 930 to 8.8 stubs, the 930 to 240 hubs, axles, CVs and boot kits all separately and If remember correctly, all that stuff added up to a fairly expensive list. But done only once. No idea how many are out there. It was a preference for us, we did not want to go R200 or R230 or what ever. We have 280 stubs for it so everything will be 28 spline when finished. New zed, Our axles were not perpendicular before, too far up and too far forward, but they are now, and better in both directions, visually perpendicular in both directions. We also used same length axles on both sides. The driver is a tight fit, I can still shift the axle in and out, but I will watch it closely. The pass side is fine. In retrospect I would have done the right mount (didn't exist when we did the swap) and then measured for the axles. When I do the struts, brakes etc. we may shorten the driver side at the same time. Re notch for the clip and cut the current clip groove off. HTH, Richard.
  9. 8.8 IRS questions? Who is happy with what mount?

  10. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    So we decided to update and upgrade the rear mount. We bought the Z car depot 8.8 Ford IRS mount system. It is a nice nice set up. Only problem, not built for a 240 or really for a Lincoln Mark 8 differential. No problem, well a few problems. First thing we did was install the mustache bar mounts. We shifted the diff forward and took off most of the rear mount hardware. Sway bar had to come off, uprights had to come off. It would have been better to start from scratch. Second thing we did was install the rear diff mount; It is a little low but it helped a lot. Our axles were too angled and the diff was too far forward. I would highly recommend using the cover Z car Depot sells. It fits like a glove any other mount would likely not fit. Since the mount if for a 280 We had to drill new holes to line up with old strap mounts. In the pic the original holes are very far apart, that would not work for us. On the upper mounts we used Nut inserts. These use a special tool, I didn't have the correct size so I used an allen wrench and a really good washer and a spacer nut and a regular nut. We also had to remove some of the sheet metal that had been folded over. This pic shows the mount installed on the Pass side. The top is Nut inserts and the bottom is the factory strap nuts. Last but not least we used solid mounts for the front as the Lincoln is much smaller on the front eyes than the Explorer. The top is also sandwiched but it is had to see. On last look from the front of the car. If there are any questions. Fire away. Richard.
  11. 8.8 IRS questions? Who is happy with what mount?

    I will probably follow up on my post in the LS forum FYI. I will take some pics later that show the mount. To answer your question the diff is not anywhere near as low as the exhaust. Shouldn't be an issue. Working on front mounts today. Richard.
  12. 8.8 IRS questions? Who is happy with what mount?

    So we bought the Z car depot mount. Fit is tight, but really a nice part. It did exactly what we needed, moved the center section down and back. Front mount will be a challenge, NOT an issue with Z car depot, they built for an explorer, we have MK8, and they built for series 2 and later cars, we have a series one. Thanks for looking. Richard.
  13. Might consider one of those tent with doors for cars. With a little creativity you could make a booth out of that pretty easily. Just thinking out loud.