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  1. melma!

    Turbo blow through su's

    I guess I already found that oops... I was looking more for an idea of how to set it up... Do you think using the factory air cleaner box would work?
  2. melma!

    Turbo blow through su's

    Oops plumbing*
  3. Hey question for you guys that might have better searching skills Than me... Can you do a blowthrough turbo setup on su's? I know if you use mg Metro carbs you can push a supercharger through them, however I'm looking for a more discreet power boost... I was thinking maybe welding up the factory air cleaner box and plumina the turbo through the front? Any thoughts?
  4. melma!

    what can you fit in your S130

    in my old s130 i fit 700 pounds of carpet and my guitarist in the passenger seat(soundproofing the jam space) bumps sucked really bad
  5. melma!

    Interesting 280z

    redonkulis.... good job though i guess!? I would never get in that car for fear of becoming 45 iq points dumber when i get out
  6. melma!

    mopar questions ??

    whichever one i can find man i am watchin craigslist like a hawk
  7. melma!

    260z Photoshoot

    I hauled 700 pounds of carpet in an s130 once.... (had to soundproof the garage) that was fun..
  8. melma!

    mopar questions ??

    i was thinkin about that and just got lost in that thread so im thinkin a mopar a833 trans
  9. melma!

    Youngins: How'd you end up with a Z?

    i am 19 and i bought my first z at 16 it was a 79 2+2 and 5-speed. "400 dollars". i didnt get my liscence till i was 18 so i compleately went thru the car and tought myself bodywork and a little about fuel injection she was pretty when i was done but i let a friend borrow her and he got her impounded in less than an hour of driving her and i had just quit my job so bye bye melma. hello freya my s30 260 56000 original miles. "300 dollars". broken timing chain bye bye l26 hello 318 (i knew there was a reason i didnt scrap that van) so as soon as i get a day off work and a cherry picker ill do the swap (or start any way). "learning never to trust anyone .......priceless"
  10. melma!

    mopar questions ??

    ohh yeah and i will be running points got any tranny suggestions i would like to go manual thanks guys
  11. melma!

    mopar questions ??

    got a chevy 400 and it was garbage so nevermind that idea. the mopar will still be easier. also i took another look and im a retard i guess i was just freakin out so yeah sorry... now the hard part is pullin the 318 out of the van?
  12. melma!

    Barnfull of Z parts for sale

    how much would you want for a su set up. manifold and carbs
  13. melma!

    Barnfull of Z parts for sale

    i am looking for a 4 barrel intake manifold do you have one?
  14. goddam dude thats gonna be one nice car when your done props and i cant wait for the next video