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  1. New OS Giken R200 LSD

    PM send, requesting payment instructions.
  2. New OS Giken R200 LSD

    I take it. Let me know what type of payment you accept. Paypal ok?
  3. Strip the Car...or Build Upon Existing Chassis?

    Stripping the chassis down and remove all coatings is the more professional way to start your build, You will not have any bad surprises down the road. Expect the journey to be a few years by yourself
  4. Finally sprayed my Z

    She looks great.
  5. What we did to make some clearance is to rotate the engine with an aluminum spacer on one of the motor mounts. plus grinding the tunnel mounts a bit back.
  6. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    I like your livery designs. What software are you using?
  7. DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

    Thanks for the info. Goes into 11/73 260z. Has RB25det, Electric steering Please pm with payment instructions
  8. DZ-Start Push button Ignition Kits F/S again

    Hi. Can you help with a set-up for push button start, power windows and power locks?
  9. 1972 240 driver door spring source

    You need to get the latch assembly. spring only not available. Check the bottom of your door with a magnet. Maybe its there> Good luck
  10. 280Z Restomod Progress

    oh wow, that is beautiful art work
  11. Passenger Door won't shut.

    You can remove the latch and check if the spring coil has come out. If you are unsure how the mechanism works, you can take the other side door latch out and compare the two.
  12. Sensa Pari intake and Q45 throttle body

    How much for the throttle body incl shipping to US, Ca 93003? Thanks
  13. Parting Out 1981 280ZXT

    If you decide to cut the hood, I would buy the drivers side vent with a few inches around the cutout.
  14. Sakura Garage Stance USA Coilover Kit

    I would like to purchase the coil over set with camber pates for an early 260z (2"). Are the shock tower braces available as well ?. Could you please advise on spring rates for light track use? Thanks Tom.