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  1. SU Carbs/parts

    Looking for some early 240z Belltop SU's in decent/good condition. Also need manifold, linkages, fuel rail. Basically all of the components to run carbs. Hit me up with prices, Cash in hand. Thanks
  2. is it worth it?

    I'd avoid the hell out of it just looking at that frame. FL is horrible for cars from everything I've heard. For a college student with low budget you really need to consider the amount of time and money you'll have to pour into the car in order to get it half way decent. Take a look around some rust repair/frame/floorpan/restoration threads and ask yourself if you can swing it with work/school. A lot of people seem to forget that once you chop it up and get it half way done, you're not gonna be selling it off anytime soon. Granted I always look for those cars and get a good deal on parts because its just been a garage ornament for the past year due to time/money constraints. If you REALLY want a Z then just save up pinch pennies get one from a rust free state if you have too, and have something thats not gonna end up a nightmare. I'm in the middle of a restoration on one of my cars, and in all honesty it would of been cheaper and easier for me to just have waited a bit longer for the perfect car to pop up. I enjoy the process and do the work myself in my off time (which isn't really enough) but trust me it's worth the wait, cars are an investment.. Dont buy on impulse! Good luck with the hunt
  3. Z spotted in another movie

    I was thrilled out of my mind to see a real clean 280z, with the same ugly paint as mine, In the cholo scene on V/H/S 3. One weird ass horror movie, I liked it but the Z made it better. Also this ones probably already mentioned but I noticed a ZX in fast times at ridgemont high. Edit* there's a 240Z in the episode "Drift Problem" of Archer where he gets that sweet ass Challenger. Also some other random classic Japanese cars. Including a chase scene with an RX2 and said 240Z.
  4. D-Bags in Corvettes - crash videos

    Wow that C7 one was rough to watch. I feel like the LS swap guys aren't going to enjoy this thread Vette's seem to be the goto car for 40 somethings who've never driven a serious car. Had a spankin new 2014 come into my shop last year shredded to pieces cuz the owner decided to hoon around side roads in the winter... I couldnt for the life of me figure it out what he was thinking... Still had temp plates on it for ffs. A guy on my block wrapped his around a tree because he needed to light it up in a subdivision lol..
  5. WTB: 79-83 Distributor mount!

    Hey folks, just as the add says. Looking for a ZX distributor mount, with the arm pointing to 9 O' clock. Willing to pay a fair price and shipping, thanks!