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  1. New here

    Haha well then we are in the same boat as well as many others on here!
  2. 280z 2+2 resto mod

    Oh, just going by the shape of the rear quarter glass in the picture it sure looks like one, sorry. And the 2+2 have two little raised stripes between the backup light and the license plate in the rear taillight surround. I accidentally broke mine towing it into the garage with my jeep. I'm thinking I can repair it with fiberglass though. Thanks.
  3. 280z 2+2 resto mod

    Great progress. My 78' 2+2 has suffered similar rust and I am in the process of patching it back up too. Would it be possible for me to PM you on a part I need from that 2+2 in the junk yard you posted? I need the rear left tail light surround I broke mine. They are 2+2 specific and I can't find one anywhere. Thanks.
  4. Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    I think bigger is better until a certain point where it is adequately large enough and won't make a difference. A bigger filter might perform longer before needing cleaned/replaced? The guys on Engine Masters tested all kinds of air filters and what they found in a different scenario (domestic v8 with a carb) is that the turbulence in the filter has more effect on performance than anything. They found that a funnel or bowl shaped (velocity stack type) shape really helped performance. It is an interesting watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkpsydS8JXI
  5. New here

    Welcome. Lets see some of those killer welds and that early z from Arizona probably rust free!
  6. 74 260z ly6 tr6060 swap

    Awesome car. I love the bare metal. Lot in common with my project, except you've used quality parts. It's a shame you're selling it. I recently tried to sell my Z, after 2 test drives with interested buyers I backed out, couldn't let it go. Glad you posted it anyways so we could check it out!
  7. 480Z - cheap 2+2 build

    I have started work again on my rust belt Z. I started by removing the seats, carpet, exhaust, driveshaft, shifter, and trans. Also the rear sway bar and ecu in order to gain access to the floors. Once the rust work is done I will be swapping the trans, replacing the driveshaft with a balanced one, and integrating a new trans mount as well. I am rebuilding the bottom of the car with 18 gauge sheet and 1x3" rectangle tube. I worked around the seat brackets and cut everything else away. The car's inner rocker panels also needed extensive repair. I coated the back side of all the panels in any cavity I could reach as I went along with generous amounts of equipment paint which seems to hold up well over time on my other projects. Overall I am happy with how it is turning out. I just need to do the other side now
  8. Hi all I decided to post up another build thread. Facebook and youtube is blocked at work now so I think this is a good chance to interact with people with similar interests and keep this site going. This is actually my 2nd attempt at a LS Z car. My first one didn't get very far. 1978 280z 2+2 -04 4.8' vortec from manual trans truck - all stock -4 speed saginaw rebuilt myself -aluminum hydraulic clutch bell housing with advanced adapter spacer on bearing retainer -home made motor and trans mounts -shaved truck intake that clears the hood (kind-of) -modified truck oil pan & modified pickup tube -3-row ebay champion copy -stock pcm and modified stock harness -pcm edited to send 6cyl signal to tach -EBay stainless block hugger headers -2.5" to single 3" home fab'd exhaust -255lph inline fuel pump -stock gauges all working -shortened 77 nova driveshaft at home (say a prayer) to 36" -adapter flange from zcardepot non-engine swap stuff I've done to the car: -replaced windshield & seal -replaced brake master cyl. & wheel cyls -repaired huge leak in the gas tank -repaired fuel guage -repaired broken connection in ignition relay -removed goofy bumpers Still need to: plumb intake tubing install electric fan (pcm was edited to control this, relay and fuse already wired) finish installing driveshaft build 2nd half of exhaust replace brake booster rust repair in drivers floor, floor support, everywhere really. paint & body tires & wheels ~~~this list never ends!~~~ Thanks for viewing!
  9. Possible 5.3L engine swaps question

    No problem, though with the quality of work in this forum I am pretty embarrassed of any of my own work, I'm a hack. I've experienced a few broken motor mounts over the years in different cars, it isn't that scary. Unless you have linkage throttle Going 4.8 was all about the manual trans configuration and price. I will upgrade to a modified l33 or 6.0L at some point soon hopefully.
  10. Possible 5.3L engine swaps question

    I have an all stock 04' 4.8L drive by wire under the hood of my 2+2. The stock intake clears the hood (barely) with home made engine mounts and I retained drive by wire. It is very fun to drive, very much a budget build, and is very good on fuel. Good luck
  11. Will ship any of these parts, shipping included in price! paypal is jcrawford@autodist.com These parts were all taken off my 78 280z 2+2 in good used original working condition for the v8 conversion. * 2+2 4 speed drive shaft with slip yoke and flange $150 *clutch master cylinder w/ reservoir $25 *4spd shifter with nice original Datsun shift knob $80 *Transmission mount bushings good surface rust w/ bolts $30 *Ignition module / computer worked as it should light corrosion on case $40 I will add to the thread as I find more parts in the garage and take pictures. Thanks for viewing!
  12. Hello from Las Vegas!

    Welcome! They are never truly "done". White is my favorite color on Z's or cars in general. Very nice.
  13. Alternator wiring

    I think you can rig up a dummy light instead of a resistor if you wanted. As long as its an incandescent one and not led, it would have enough resistance and would lite up whenever the alt wasn't charging. Not sure if the factory S30 one would work or not.
  14. 280z parts leftover from engine swap

    Bump make offer none of this does me any good! Happy Holidays!
  15. 280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

    Interested in the ZG flares, I will send a PM
  16. a Z for the wife

    Awesome paint work! I like the PO's version of a rotisserie lol very inexpensive I might try that! (kidding) I bet nobody else can say their car was on it's side for 20 years.. Keep us updated looks great so far.
  17. counting cars 240z

    Ben A, I think the other show you are talking about is Roadkill and the car is the 'Rotsun'? It just started airing on velocity tv but has been an internet show for years that is very popular, look them up on youtube or social media there is lots of great content
  18. 73 Front bumper and brackets

    I might be interested in this if you still have it and are willing to ship? Thanks
  19. Finally Picked Up My S30

  20. RIP Joel Soileau

    Rest in peace. My condolences to those who knew him well.
  21. AWESOME! I want to build a set of wheels like that so bad! I've been looking for a used set of 3pc to bolt bigger lips to but hard to find and lots of $$$. Totally worth it though when you have a Z and your tire size starts with a 3.... Thanks for the inspiration.
  22. 280z ignition

    I don't know. But I DO have a 78 ignition module for sale if you are in need
  23. Gus, After you had posted I had to stop over and read your build very nice! How is the tune coming? I may have some questions about tuning my 4.8 in the future. Also I have never heard of using chevette springs definitely will research that and you've made me even more excited to get my lift! -Joel
  24. 480Z - cheap 2+2 build

    I've spent some time lately organizing the garage in preparation for the 2 post lift I bought for the center bay. I'm excited to not lay on a creeper under the Z anymore. I have delayed any serious progress like the transmission swap or rust repair until the lift arrives and is set up. The company gave me an expected ship date of dec.20th I did remove the repulsive purple tint from the rear quarter windows. Took a couple hours with a hairdryer and a welding glove. I also removed and cleaned up the coil packs and valve covers. Failed to take a picture.
  25. I am rookie with the spray gun too, but for orange peel the old guys said turn the air pressure up and it works!