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  1. Difficulty level of changing the header

    Well shit, would it be costly to have a muffler shop do it?
  2. The progression of my S30

  3. Hey guys i'm somewhat new to the forum, so hello! Also what would y'all say the difficulty level of changing the stock header to say a MSA 6-1 would be on a L28? I'm a 20 year old college kid who has a little background with working on cars (I recently changed the 2 piston fronts to 4 pistons myself) and an ample amount of tools. Here's a picture of my Z btw.
  4. Electrical gremlin

    I had it installed at a local shop in my college town that has been around since the 80's and I would but I rarely have time to since I'm busy with school. When I do have the time it's usually late at night But I do plan on trying a multimeter to test it. Could it also have to do with a shorted fuse?
  5. Okay so here's my problem, I recently got a new radio installed in my 75 280z, as soon as I had that installed my blinkers stopped working for the longest time (month or so) as did my right brake light when pressing down on the brake pedal. But maybe less than 30 min ago they started to work again, then all of the sudden the tac stopped working as did fuel gauge. Like I noticed the voltage gauge showed the battery at a quarter charged then it would spike to full. What's happening to my Z?
  6. What's this hideous noise?

    I think its a misfire like Pillar said. But it only happens at low rpm after running for an hour then starting up again. An example would be say I went to Downtown Nashville and stopped to get gas after driving around for an hour with mixed road speeds and rpms, turned the car off, get gas, turn it back on and what happens in the second video starts up again. But once I get going again (bringing it from 950-5500) it goes away... But some info on the car exhaust wise: I had a custom built magnaflow exhaust built for it by a local shop. All the exhaust piping is stainless.
  7. What's this hideous noise?

    Well we figured out what causing that horrendous noise, the crank pulley came completely undone. The only thing that was holding it in place were the belts. But on another note, I've noticed after the car has been running for a good while (driven around for an hour or two) it starts making this noise as well. Could it be that the engine isn't getting enough airflow? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVSRaXH5pHE
  8. What's this hideous noise?

    It sounds like its coming from the front of the car. Crap, is that an easy fix?
  9. What's this hideous noise?

    Manual 4 speed
  10. What's this hideous noise?

    Thanks for your input, I plan on talking to Clark Crawford at Z Car's by Clark Crawford in northern Nashville on monday to see what he has to say about it too. How much does a new torque converter or flew plate usually run?
  11. Hey guys i'm new to the forums and also a new s30 owner. I'm 19 and this is really the first car I've ever owned. I own a 1975 280z with a recently rebuilt/newly built engine, but my question today is WHAT IN GODS NAME IS THIS NOISE?!?! Below is a link to a video I took of the car with this horrendous sound. I also noticed I could feel what ever was making the noise on the gear lever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OH0hKrfz6I