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  1. 1969honda

    460ZGT Project Build

    Glad to hear the move went smoothly, that engine bay looks so sweet with the m122!
  2. 1969honda

    Ceramic Coating

    @@jpndave has also done some research and coated his own parts on a different LSx build he did for his JKU. He might chime in with some good info and personal experience. I've read a bit about it and TBCs definitely can help make power and increase longevity if your budget and goals are inline.
  3. 1969honda

    Triple Blowthrough Turbo

    Looks good, if the aluminum is a tad too thick you can always lightly score the inside of the bend with a saw/cutoff/Dremel etc... to make the brake line thinner. Good luck!
  4. 1969honda

    460ZGT Project Build

    I get a sound clip as well, keep The momentum up it's looking great!
  5. 1969honda

    460ZGT Project Build

    I like the look of your machined pieces much better, not to mention the reduced leak points from welds and joints. The Phoenix contact box looks interesting, I'll have to look that one up out of curiosity. Sounds like the swith to megasquirt is going well and wiring is fairly well sorted if you only have 2-3 wires crossed! Good luck with the short time frame and schedule!
  6. 1969honda

    460ZGT Project Build

    Nice progress!
  7. 1969honda

    280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

    Looking good Bimmota! Between you and yellowoctopus there's hope that I'll get my Nissan VK56 shoe horned in between my fenders at some point.
  8. 1969honda

    Hood Designs

    @rooger82 that's the one, just one piece. Planning on doing one when I get back on the z project, but if price and timing is right I'll bite instead of build.
  9. 1969honda

    Hood Designs

    Single piece carbon or fiberglass layup with integrated competition scoop...
  10. I think some people have made the pocket flares actually look decent, but I'm not a huge fan. Couple threads down I found this:
  11. 1969honda


    Those look pretty good, I've been eyeing the SSWorx stuff for a while now.
  12. SSWorx has some all metal flares with no screw pockets. They only had a car in the building stage on their site last I checked, but it looked better than the typical zg pocket screw/rivet flares IMHO.
  13. 1969honda

    Shakotan Z

    You might get better answers on your degree wheel question in the Nissan L6 section. Progress is looking great, keep it up.
  14. 1969honda

    OhkaZ - Turbocharged 1UZ 280z

    Forgot to ask, how is the clutch on the street? Which friction material did you choose? I've talked to PTT and Quartermasters about running a 7.25 with my vk56/T56 combo once the bellhousing adapter is sorted. PTT recommended their organic (thick and no as touchy on engagement) but it's not rated very high on torque. Both mfg didn't see the 7.25 lasting long or being great around town without going full carbon. Curious what your experience has been, sorry for the bombardment of questions, sitting in the Dr office waiting for my appointment so nothing else to do but cruise the interwebs.
  15. 1969honda

    OhkaZ - Turbocharged 1UZ 280z

    Find a local 4x4 shop or club, someone will have a bender they can help you with for beer if you supply the metal. Any pictures of your surge tank setup? I've debated between just about every setup out there except a fuel cell, (full custom tank, vetteworks weld in kit, fox body tank, 98-02 F-body Camaro, etc.). The surge tank setup, even with adding the extra plumbing and an additional pump, seems to be the best solution if keeping the factory tank and running a FI v8. I just haven't seen a tank setup I'm crazy about yet. Thanks for the updates and keep the pictures come!