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  1. Shakotan Z

    You might get better answers on your degree wheel question in the Nissan L6 section. Progress is looking great, keep it up.
  2. OhkaZ - Turbocharged 1UZ 280z

    Forgot to ask, how is the clutch on the street? Which friction material did you choose? I've talked to PTT and Quartermasters about running a 7.25 with my vk56/T56 combo once the bellhousing adapter is sorted. PTT recommended their organic (thick and no as touchy on engagement) but it's not rated very high on torque. Both mfg didn't see the 7.25 lasting long or being great around town without going full carbon. Curious what your experience has been, sorry for the bombardment of questions, sitting in the Dr office waiting for my appointment so nothing else to do but cruise the interwebs.
  3. OhkaZ - Turbocharged 1UZ 280z

    Find a local 4x4 shop or club, someone will have a bender they can help you with for beer if you supply the metal. Any pictures of your surge tank setup? I've debated between just about every setup out there except a fuel cell, (full custom tank, vetteworks weld in kit, fox body tank, 98-02 F-body Camaro, etc.). The surge tank setup, even with adding the extra plumbing and an additional pump, seems to be the best solution if keeping the factory tank and running a FI v8. I just haven't seen a tank setup I'm crazy about yet. Thanks for the updates and keep the pictures come!
  4. That looks really nice and simple, I like the 240z script the way it's placed in there as well. The discrete little touches like that are what really make a car feel personalized and different than all the others. Keep up the progress and the pictures!
  5. ZF/Ford 6HP80 behind a LS?

    Gotcha, hadn't read you were using a Haltech.
  6. ZF/Ford 6HP80 behind a LS?

    If you have a gen 3/4 LS1 go with a 6l80, they have amazing technology built into the tuning and shift calculations and will bolt right in. Pull the shifter from a Malibu/Cobalt SS/G8/Cadillac and flash the trans for a Corvette with the tu/td and enjoy best of both worlds. The 6l80 has the TCM built into the oil pan and does not require a seperate controller or bcm. @jpndave has a lot of personal experience with that setup and the other computer controlled GM autos.
  7. Dang, I gave away a four speed to a guy in millville last summer. If needed I can try and track him down for you.
  8. VK56 swap into a convertible Z32

    Nice! Brickhouse customs is supposed to be releasing a new aluminum (shallower) one piece oil pan sometime in the very near future. McKinney motor sports makes a few different very enticing options too
  9. Midnight Madness 560z...

    Not really, got side tracked with another project and life and military stuff. It's still a go, I've been working a little bit on some cad stuff with the transmission and bellhousing but nothing substantial.
  10. Clearence Issue

    Did you change balancers? Some aftermarket ones are larger in diameter than others? Or change engine mounts? If not then shim the mounts as suggested?
  11. Thread is almost 7 years old....
  12. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    The other thing you may look into (I'm still researching and learning chassis and suspension design) is something like the modular ball joint rings? Possibly hook the stock tension rods in to one side and make a new lower control arm off of the threaded stud? Use a something like below but have one side go to the stock control arm mount and then run the clevis side back to the tension rod? https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sps-94000 The link below also has something similar that the miata guys use? http://www.kineticvehicles.com/ControlArms.html
  13. 6l80e fit in a 75 280z?

    Alright, it's cold out in my garage so I used a couple straight edges and found the length of the trans, depth of the bell housing. I then snapped the photos so camera angle has the tape measure markings matched to the measurement points as best as possible. One picture shows the entire transmission length, mine is 4wd so where the 2wd has a tail cone mounted on I have a transfer case adapter, this parting line for the adapter and the transmission body is 23" from the engine block mountings surface. The other picture shows the bellhousing parting line is about 6 5/8" from the block mounting surface to the bell housing to transmission parting line. At that bellhousing parting line, the transmission is about 12" wide to the outside edges of the different case webs and tabs. From the bottom of the deepest part of my transmission pan to the tallest center rib on top at the bellhousing to transmission parting line it is 15" vertically. Hopefully that all makes sense. If you pm me an e-mail address I can also get you the 2005 GM 6L80 service manual and a repair parts breakdown.
  14. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    It's just one that I recall Ron Sutton has mentioned in several of his suspension design threads on pro-touring due to the joint strength and size.
  15. 2014 mustang spindle conversion

    Just spit balling here but, if you are set on using the front Z control arms and tie rods, (and provided pushing the lower ball joint out farther doesn't totally screw up the suspension geometry) would it be possible to machine a steel adapter plate to mount on the stock Z lower control arm in place of the ball joint? Have one end machined with the stick four bolt pattern and the outboard end machined to accept screw in type ball joint? That would allow a really beefy, early 2" Chrysler ball joint (K727 IIRC) like a lot of domestic road course and circle track guys use? They can be found in almost every parts store for a decent price. Howe/Coleman/AFCO and several others all have offerings of that joint in different racing materials and configurations.