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  1. Steering wheel hub question

    I'm looking to do a budget steering wheel replacement and I know I want to go after market. But I'm not sure about the hub because most hubs I see are for an S30 and not S130. Would the hub for an S30 work on my S130 or no? I saw this hub online: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=310937601348 but wasn't sure if it would fit or not. Can you guys let me know, because my steering wheel is down to almost bare metal and has almost no more leather wrapping it.
  2. Digital 280zx Cluster in Analog Non-Turbo 280zx??? (HELP!)

    Anyone willing to give me some kind of answer?
  3. So almost all my gauges in my car doesn't work except for maybe my fuel gauge and temp gauge. I was wondering, the the main instrument cluster, is there a way to get the turbo digital cluster to work in my non turbo S130? I've tried looking all over the place and I can't find anything. Any and all answers would be nice. Just don't be rude and say oh you didn't look hard enough when I clearly have. I just would like to have a working gauge cluster and figured the turbo cluster looks nicer and is more cost effective and budget friendly.
  4. ProjectDatsun916 - Stormtrooper

    Tie rods put in. Car drives so much better. Just have to take it in to get an alignment now. Also need to get newer front tires as well. Also bought some LED strip for my gauges in my dash. I did that mod in my old S13 that I used to have way back in the day and it was super worth doing. Also ordered some LEDs for my reverse and side markers. Trying to do a full LED upgrade to the instrument lights. Next major fix is going to be replacing the rear axles and doing a rear differential flush and tranny flush. I'm assuming they haven't been done in I don't know how long, so I'm taking it upon myself to do them soon. Next major upgrade will probably be getting the OEM rear spoiler. I love the way it looks on our car and I would like to get it. Also thinking about upgrading all the hoses in the car and getting those up to par as well. Still not sure what the issue is with my turn signals not working. @BluDestiny What should I be looking for to find the issue with my turn signals not even working? Any tips are appreciated.
  5. ProjectDatsun916 - Stormtrooper

    So I am starting to vlog my build here and there. Here is the first of many videos to come: Hope you guys like it. I'm slowly learning how to work on this car as I go so any and all help would be great. I'll probably post videos asking questions from time to time. March 1: So today I'm gonna try and see about installing both my front inner and outer tie rods. Not sure how long it will take but I've heard it doesn't take that long.
  6. ProjectDatsun916 - Stormtrooper

    So back in December I bought a fully running 1982 Datsun 280zx with cut springs and a welded differential for $700. The paint was sanded, horribly. The springs, stock, cut by 2 full coils, and sitting extremely low. It was missing parts. Lots of parts. So I decided to make this a recovery project worth doing. I started by first washing the car off and seeing what really needed to be done with the exterior. After washing the exterior, I came to the conclusion that a new sanding job and a minimal primer paint would at least make the car look not so horrible. So out came the primer and after a few coats, it didn't look like a professional did it, but it definitely made it look so much better than what it was. After putting the primer on, it was time to look at what was really missing. The obvious parts were, both my hood vents, one which was actually hiding in my spare tire location, pretty much ALL badges, driver side T-Top lever plastics, spare tire plastic cover, rear trunk foam and carpet, and rear wiper arm. The rear trunk foam I was able to get a somewhat decent condition one from a Pick-N-Pull. The rest I have yet to recover. Now onto the electrical. Speedometer doesn't work, so I have to use my Speedometer app, which is actually quite accurate. It's off by maybe 2 MPH the most, usually only 1 MPH, which is quite manageable. Headlights on low beam, driver side doesn't turn on, so have to drive with high beams just so both look on and I don't get pulled over. My turn signals and hazards don't work which makes it a pain when there is traffic or if I need to change lanes. Heater takes a while to warm up, as well as my driver side defroster doesn't work, only passenger side, as well as rear defrosters take forever to work as well. Radio wiring is all kinds of butchered. The person I bought the car from cut the wires flush against the pin connector so I have to try and find another S130 with a good radio wire and try to re-wire that up and then order an aftermarket adapter. All the gauge bulbs are super dim and the clock doesn't even work properly. And lastly, the map light doesn't work either. So this is definitely a project car. But it's all very worth doing. So I hope to get a lot of help with any questions I may have and I hope to show it at the end of this year in the fall at a local car show. (Pictures to come when I get home since I'm at work and on my phone. Haha)
  7. Thanks so much guys! This is really helpful. If you can, maybe post some pictures of your car and wheel setup so I can see the fitment to get a better visual idea?
  8. Would you say a 15x5 (or 6) would fit a bit better? Because I'm on stock Six spokes right now so when I get my springs in that's what I would be sitting on till I got some new wheels.
  9. Hey guys I just ordered the Eibach Progressive Spring Kit from TheZStore.com and I'm now also looking for some wheels. I saw these STR wheels and was curious if the fitment would be good. I know they are a wide wheel being 15x8 with a +0 so if they do work I would probably buy some fender flares. So my question is are they going to be too big or would they be ok?
  10. S130 Interchangeable springs?

    That actually does help. How affected is the spring rate when you cut the springs? I might go spring hunting soon if that's the case because my spring rate is horrible and my S130 is getting battered on the underside. And would both front and rear springs work from that Mercedes model?
  11. S130 Interchangeable springs?

    Does anyone know? Or is this just going to die?
  12. S130 Interchangeable springs?

    I'm also curious to know what springs from previous year 240/260/280 Z models would be interchangeable as well. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?
  13. S130 Interchangeable springs?

    Do you think the length and spring rate would raise the car more because of that?
  14. S130 Interchangeable springs?

    That's not really an answer I was looking for but thanks for the tip. I was looking to see what springs would he interchangeable between other cars to the S130.
  15. Sign in if you own an s130!

    Stockton, CA 1982 280zx Missing some parts but she runs like a champ. Just missing some parts and needs better suspension is all but I love it to death.