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  1. MrPhotographer06

    Push button start with ACC toggle, Need edumacation!

    Excited to see this turn out. Considering adding it to mine in the near future now the cage is installed.
  2. MrPhotographer06

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    4 weeks. .jeez! Not much done.. This Army thing takes a lot of time. I mainly worked 3-11 which makes it hard with anything else in life. Front framerails are capped, lower core support finished. Bought wheels, mounted front tires and man.. i should've gone with about 1.5" more BS lol They will work for the time being, but shortly will be buying a second set of wheels with stickies. Front crossmember is halfway done for mounting my double wishbone. I'm sorta stumped on making my LCA's with such a wide triangle that I may be re-engineering some things. with my PS rack clearing the oil pan, and still getting a u-joint angle I can manage with turbo downpipes backtracking the manifold. Lots of thinking to do as I build the back half of my lower crossmember this weekend. My spindle upper ball joint holes will be reamed tomorrow and I can officially order the UCA's. I'm using the slotted mounts for total adjustability with circle track arms. Once the LCA's are on, I'll measure for coilovers! IF I get the wheels on the ground next week and trim removed, I will be taking it to the body shop on Saturday. As of 8 days out, I'm uncertain i will make it lol Photos to come!
  3. MrPhotographer06

    Thoughts on in Infiniti G37/G35

    My buddies car on air, fresh paint and Vossens at ZDAYZ
  4. MrPhotographer06

    Thoughts on in Infiniti G37/G35

    Go for it. A 35 is more affordable than a 37, but both have their advantages. I just sold my 07 350 to get a tow rig, but I wouldn't go below an 07. The VQ35HR is an awesome engine. All the DE owners claim they are equal but if you've ever driven both.. You'll know the difference. Handling on the G platform is supposedly equal to the Z but the sedan has a little less IMO from the track day opinions I've heard of sedan owners. That being said, get what compromises your budget and desires. The "cheaper" versions of the G I disliked such as the X but I'm mainly partial to the Z platform and its legacy so a G coupe is pushing it anyway lol But.. As far as the VHR and HR engines go.. Outstanding. Can tastefully modify and still get good MPG. Wife's Bolton 350 gets like 27 highway. Also road courses all summer. Go 6 speed.. CD009 is where it's at, but the auto seems a little weird to me. Again, Z fan with spirited work commute. All in all, can't go wrong with either. G37's can me made sweet!
  5. MrPhotographer06

    Steering Shaft Relocation

    This is awesome! Will be doing the same here soon for the 240z with my new mustang rack!
  6. MrPhotographer06

    Camaro Tank Venting..

    So as some of you have seen, i'm building a LSTT Z. I got a camaro plastic tank for free, and without really thinking, I cut the evap stuff off. So I gotta come up with my own. No vent line to the front,but I'm guessing i'll run a line from the center port on the tank to a looping vent line. I read RebekahsZ's post about running a loop up and back down from 2012... Any other ideas?
  7. MrPhotographer06

    GC 280Z is now too low.

    I too am running a 25" tire. 25" Tire Diameter165/80R15 = 25.4X6.5R15 185/70R15 = 25.2x7.3R15 195/65R15 = 25x7.7R15 195/70R15 = 25.7x7.7R15 205/65R15 = 25.5x8.1R15 215/60R15 = 25.2x8.5R15 225/60R15 = 25.6x8.9R15 265/50R15 = 25.4X10.4R15 275/50R15 = 25.8x10.8R15 These sizes are in range. https://tiresize.com/height-chart/ Two cars here both running 275/50/15's. 10mm isnt enough to get upset over.. i mean look at a 10mm wrench...
  8. MrPhotographer06

    Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    Will view more of the thread to see which fits best.. 4/4.5 lol
  9. MrPhotographer06

    Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges

    What's the sale price?
  10. MrPhotographer06

    S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    I am in need of a pair of the inner stubs...
  11. MrPhotographer06

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    Brake Booster: 1980 ZX Booster and MC? I will enlarge holes to make work on my 71 car.. but is this competent? NEW SS lines front to rear. Willwood rear 4 POT from the Fritts IRS build... and S10 Blazer 2 Pot rear (for now) until i find something nice.
  12. MrPhotographer06

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    Well, in the last few days, I've been in and out and the pollen has taken over! I've had to chase the leak on the 6.4 tow pig in the meantime. Anywho. Tacked the crossmember. I gotta grab another spool of wire to finish out, and with no backflow Argon flow, hard to TIG that up. I just TIG tacked it in. Got some new parts in, Ball Joints, Sleeves, Coilover Mounts for the LCA and inner bushings for the LCA's. Today the Engine mount plates came along with the slider boxes for UCA mount, pics to come tomorrow. Ordered Mustang II Power Rack, and cross-shafts to keep the sliders square. I hate to order the shafts without the arms.. but i'm unsure of the length I need at this moment. 4130 tubing inbound next week along with another 2 sticks of 1" tubing to build the crossmember. going very basic with bolt in plates i'll weld to the frame similar to the Hawk's motor mounts so the X-member will come out. Also mocked up the hot side! Taking the lady to the airport in the AM, may not get a chance for much before working at 3. Going to still give making the mounts a go. Monday should be productive!
  13. I was acutally comtemplating cutting a hole in my lower framerail and doing the EXACT same thing for making my new tubular crossmember a bolt in thing.. glad to see someone else has proved it works.. lol looks awesome! If you're ever in need of any paint, body or metal work.. Hit up Brent Click at Hyper Formance. He's in Greeville. Tell him Scott sent you!
  14. MrPhotographer06

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    Photo didn't upload..
  15. MrPhotographer06

    JAWZ240Z LSTT S30

    I like that part as well.. Eager to get it in! The side parts to the front crossmember are done, then ran out of wire ):