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  1. Engine bay clean up After glass blasting: Chrome powder coated: Before: After, also Pertronix installed: Only litte rost spot on the brake booster:
  2. Next, I wanted to finish an easy fun project. New leightweight battery holder for an EU-Spec battery.
  3. Hi Guys I'd like to share some updates with you: FS5W71C 240SX S14 5 Speed Swap: New Bellhousing needed, because I've got a early series 4 speed. Found here in the forum. Prepare for blasting: Fresh powdercoat: Ready for swap the housing, new seals installed. Next step, transmission mount: New custom driveshaft needed, made locally, did cost a fortune. lol Finished product: It was a nice and easy task. The only issue was to find a driveshaft shop... All the needed modifications did I find here in this forum and here: http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/240sxtransmissioninstall/index.html http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/128100-240z-fs5w71c-swap-using-fs5c71b-bell-housing/ http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/240SX5spd/transmission.htm Hope you like the finished swap too.
  4. Thanks guys! Next update is coming soon! I spend alot time with my sandblasting cabin and powder gun. I swear, this is the best thing I ever bought for my men cave. Finally I can dismantle some parts, clean, blast and powder them on the same day, so I can really make some progress in just a few hours. If you don't have the possibility to clean and powder your parts in-house, you have to bring the parts to a shop and you have to wait a few days until they finished their work. It slows you down... Also next thing I'm planning to do is to swap the turnsignal switch from a 280z. I'm tired of cleaning my original turn signal switch.
  5. After 16 weeks, the new wheels finally arrived: Work Equip03 8.5 -3 and 9.0 -8 with 205 and 225 tyres. After struggling to get streched tyres on, the Z finally stood on the new suspension.
  6. After all these upgrades, I really enyojed the car and drove it all the time, everyday. What a blast! But I couldn't stop and bought more Upgrades... Then I thought, I need new seats: After few weeks I bought a sand/glas blasting cabin incl. a powdergun... So the first things had be powdered: Things getting serious, so I bought something that I always wanted: Complete coilovers from T3, rear adjustable arms, positiv camber adjust. adapters and bolt on camber plates. Adding some personal style:
  7. Hi Z-Lovers! I like to share the story from my 240Z, which I bought 4 years ago in Bend, Oregon. This forum with the huge knowledge helped me several times, so thank you all and I hope somebody will find usefull informations here in this topic. A friend do own a Rebello 3.1 240z, this is why I felt in love with the Datsuns. In Europe, nobody drives a 240z, so it's really a rare car for us. One year ago I moved from Lucerne to Basel, Switzerland and I'm 30 years old. I hope you will enjoy this topic. First of all here are some Pics, when I bought the car. I bought the car via Skype and never saw the car in real life. A really friendly shipping company and some local Z enthusiasts helped me to get the car from Bend, OR to Switzerland. The car was shipped from Houston, TX directly to Bremerhafen, Germany. From there with a truck to Zurich, where I saw it for the first time in real. Arrived in Bremerhafen like this: It took 8 months to ship the car, until it finally arrived in Switzerland. Of course I was disappointed, because everything was "well" used. Unfortunately the headlights, hazard switch, stoplights and turnsignal didn't work when I took it for the first drive. After some research, I learned that these are the most common problems... so the story began. After I solved the first electrical Problems, I got really excited. Only had to swap the speedo vom MPH to KMH and change the headlights and turnsignals to EU-spec. Finally I can drive it! Then I bought the first upgrades: Rota Shakotan 15x9 ET0 with Fulda 205 tyres, bought from driftworks.com Really nice complete stainless steel exhaust System from Sean Dezart. New bumpers needed, for a better JDM look: I realised, that the car sits way too high, so I installed new shocks and springs, like all do. Then it looked like this... getting better and better!
  8. Looking for a 5 speed bellhousing

    Hi, sorry for the late answer. Yes, I'am from Switzerland. It's hard to find any parts in Switzerland, so I thought, it would be possible to buy one here in this forum. I know, I'll have to do some machine work, but this is not really a big challenge for me and my friends. I'll contact you guys by PM. Thanks for your help. Best Regards
  9. Hi I'm looking for a 5 speed bellhousing to finish my FS5W71C swap. My car is an early Datsun 240z series one, with the type A transmission, so I can't use this Bellhousing. Many thanks for your help! Regards Reinhard