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  1. 240z part out

    What did you want for the carpet kit? Are the seats still available?
  2. Mikuni 40phh 44phh parts

    You can also try Mike Malone out in California. He has been rebuilding sets of 40 and 44 PHH Mikunis for a while and has several used and new parts. He is often on the facebook page Datsun Parts and Needs or PM me for his email address.
  3. Interested in the Datsun Comp insulators. How many are available and are they the ones with the equal length studs on each side or the offset studs on one side? Also interested in the ITG triple carb air cleaner. What is the condition of the other parts besides the foam? Thanks! Tom
  4. PM sent on linkage rod, sprocket, and gaskets Thanks! Tom
  5. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    Received the ST rear sway bar today. Looks great and should work out well for Adam's car. Awesome communication and even better to deal with including arranging delivery! Thanks again! Great seller - no worries here
  6. New - ST and MSA sway bar kits

    I am interested in the Suspension Techniques rear sway bar and attachment parts. What is your best price shipped to Fairport, NY 14450? Thanks! Tom
  7. FS: Quaife Rocket Box 4-speed Dogbox -SOLD

    Possibly interested - have a few questions first... What is the max hp and torque range for this tranny? How difficult is it to get the car rolling with the 2.04 first gear? What type of clutch is best used - solid hub or sprung hub? What are the estimated shipping costs to Fairport, NY 14450? Thanks! Tom
  8. Parts Hoard sell off and search for new home

    Do you have any 260Z/280Z front wheel hubs? These have the completely round mounting face rather than the 240Z style that have the 4 scallops and are 22 mm thick from wheel mounting face to rotor hat mounting face. Thanks!
  9. Mixed parts

    Can you post a pic of the back and side of one of the supports n the grill? Might be interested......would like to know how the lower grill portions were added. Thanks!
  10. Parts Hoard sell off and search for new home

    Do you have a photo of the steering wheel? Is it the black one in the box nxt to the box of gauges? If not, do you have a photo and price on that one? Thanks! Tom
  11. Coil overs

    What would be cost for shipping to Fairport, NY 14450
  12. 240z suspension bits and R200 4.11 diff

    Ok, so $35 shipped? If you can take paypal I will take them. Thanks! Tom
  13. 240z suspension bits and R200 4.11 diff

    Are the tension control arms still available? What would you want with shipping to Fairport, NY 14450? Thanks! Tom