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  1. S30 front sway bar mounts

    Are these the pieces you mean? These are off an early 260Z Dave
  2. 280z/zx harmonic balancer

    75' 280 needs some clean up. $48.25 shipped?
  3. WTB 240z seat brackets/mounts

    PM sent
  4. WTB Accessory Gauge (not working is fine)

    I should have something along those lines, let me know if you are still looking.
  5. WTB : 240Z Rear disc brake setup

    Not sure what level of set up you are after, but I have the parts off an 85 Maxima. Which was one way of adding rear disc's PM for pic's and info if interested.
  6. WTB: 240Z strut housing - Front Right - FOUND!

    I have one off an early 74 260, (240 style) If you are still looking.......
  7. Radiator support

    Do you mean the panel around the taillight? Or the sill where you close the hatch? I have bumpers off a 73 but they have some dings and rust.
  8. 240z roundtop su Floats??

    Well mine were a little crusty and had some marks on them, they are 47 years old. Probably better off with the ZTherapy ones as mentioned above. ZT30 is the part number and they are $30 each.
  9. Fuel Rail 280z!

    I have a nice stock rail too. If az240z does not get you set up.
  10. 240z roundtop su Floats??

    I have a set of carbs I am going to part out. I will respond back this afternoon when I get them apart and check the condition. Another member is looking for float needles.
  11. Interior Dash Map Light cover

    I have a few of those to if you have not found one yet.
  12. Radiator support

    I have a few parts cars as well, If you can't find what you need with the other forum member.
  13. Stock rear spindle/knuckle needed

    Rear strut housing? I might have something, what year / model are you working on?