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  1. dash cap anybody?

    anybody here have dash caps on your cracked dash? was wondering is there a certain brand of dash cap i should avoid buying. i see quite a few on ebay with various pricing and not sure if they work the same other than pricing.
  2. where do this go?

    thanks guys i appreciate the help
  3. where do this go?

    Turbo 350
  4. I bought the Z with the 350 in already and not really familiar with the motor, so I was wondering can somebody tell me where this goes?
  5. 280 roadster project

    looking good there
  6. can somebody tell me what air dam is this?
  7. do any body got pics of their exhaust on a 350 motor

    Nice..thanks for the pics
  8. s30 chevy 350 swap ?'s

    where in sac are you? i just picked up a 73 240z with a 350 and turbo 350 tranny. my car runs like crap right now, i'm not really familiar with chevy/carburetor motors. the guy that sold me the car gave me a manual on how to install a 350 in a 240z.
  9. i just picked up a 240z with a 350 motor in it and it don't have any exhaust. my Z has open headers right now and its way too loud so i was wondering if anybody have pics of how you guys run your exhausts. thanks in advance