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  1. 808morgan

    aviation fuel mix with gasoline?

    Well Avgas has no ethanol, in an old carbed motor, that is a plus. I would think leaded gas was used in 1971 so it should be fine. There is a small airport near me and I am thinking of using Avgas in my 1953 m73 Dodge power wagon.
  2. 808morgan

    OEM Style Headlight Covers

    I found a guy in Japan, my wife is Japanese and looked around. He is on Yahoo Auctions and he says he has them in stock for the most part. cityauto75 link https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/seller/cityauto75
  3. 808morgan

    OEM Style Headlight Covers

    Anyone have the replica source??
  4. Mine here at Cars and Coffee Marin with two Brits and another pic of mine up on Mt. Tam: Some other pics I like
  5. 808morgan

    Functional Fender Venting

    I just pop my hood so it's on the first lock but not all the way down, leaves a nice open space to the rear of the hood since the great Z hood opens in the direction. No danger of flipping up like cars that open to the front. I do it if it's super hot but since I got a really nice aluminum radiator it hasn't been as much of an issue.
  6. 808morgan

    OEM Style Headlight Covers

    I have been following this thread off and on, really would like some OEM style covers! I can't find the Thailand replicas and I only see G nose on Yahoo Japan. My wife is Japanese so I can get her help with sites that don't translate well. The cost of the real OEMs are always ridiculous, I almost never see the short nose anyway. I'm surprised a replica isn't easily available in Japan, I will have a look with my wife and ask some places there that might know. I want a set or two if this project ever works out!