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  1. Z06 competition??

    Hello all, I have been checking out the threads and see a bunch of varying swaps possible all varying in HP capability/ cost/ durability/ etc. My question is: How much horsepower would be needed in a 240z to keep up with a Corvette Z06, given the approximate 1300 lb difference?? I have no experience racing against the Z06, but think that the full 650 horses isn't needed. Anyone have experience in this area?
  2. Hello all, I went and did a very bad thing....test drove 2014 mustang 5.0 GT, as I wanted to compare the power to the 370Z and found myself wanting the 302 power over the 3.7L. HOWEVER, I want the 240z!!!!! I know there are different engine swaps out there, but given the Z weighs 2300 lbs vs 3618 lb on the mustang, do I need to go with V8 swap to get that performance in a lighter car? What I want to do is have the old school 240z as a daily driver and occasionally track with the performance of the 5.0. I am not mechanical so that is why I am asking all of you that have experience! Thanks in advance!